Alternative Small Bathroom Storage Ideas Without Cabinet

Having a small space bathroom could be a big problem for some certain people. There are lots of bathroom amenities which should be stored in the bathroom. The first fixture on your mind while facing the problem is a cabinet to store all the amenities. Sometimes having no cabinet in the bathroom is a wise decision. You should custom the size of the cabinet to fit in the small bathroom. Yet there is another way to store your bathroom amenities without cabinet. Here are some alternative bathroom storage, you can install to your small bathroom.

10 Alternative Bathroom Storage Without Cabinet

1.Classic Dark Shelves

Storage over the toilet is basically a budget-friendly creation of storage space in an area that had not been previously utilized in most houses. Black painted shelves are matched with the wall color. Besides the shelf is functional, it can also beautify the bathroom.

2. Corner White Shelves


It can be a solution for your everyday family bathroom organizer. Using the corner space to store the amenities is a wise decision. You should try the idea to your small bathroom.

3. Storage Over The Toilet


A small bathroom can look great and be fully functional as the large bathrooms. The storage over the toilet being a beautiful shelf, made from linen rope and white boards,

4. Reusable Palette


It’s a savvy bathroom storage ideas to help keeping your space organized. Those racks are very simple yet elegance. It’s on budget bathroom organizer.

5. Repurpose Wine Rack


Wine rack was mounted to the wall over a large garden tub. It’s great for towel storage. The storage can beautify the room because of the unique shapes of the wine rack.

6. Corner Rack


Storage ideas can even make small bathrooms organized and well-equipped. You can make the storage by yourself. It’s arranged from a ladder and baskets. You should add the storage idea to your DIY project list.

7. Hidden Storage


Another wonderful storage idea is hidden storage. You can avoid the clutter bathroom using the hidden storage. The mirror is designed having vertical drawer behind the mirror.

8. Amenities Shelf And Basket


Using the white boards to be shelf storage in the bathroom is a creative idea. You won’t need any cabinet. Webbing baskets could store the other bathroom amenities which don’t need to be displayed.

9. Hanging Webbing Basket


This idea of hanging baskets on the wall is a great solution that doesn’t take up any floor space in a bathroom with a small footprint. The free space of the bathroom corner can be a functional space then.

10. Square Webbing Baskets


There are plenty of ways you can sneak in extra storage in a cabinet-less bathroom. But you can store your bathroom amenities without cabinet. Look at the picture above. Using a square webbing basket to storage the bathroom amenities is placed under the sink. If you think the basket is not enough to store all of the amenities, you can install the wire baskets on the wall over the toilet for keeping to save the space.

Maya Moka