Amazing Tiny Bathroom Hacks To Store Lots Of Stuff


Storage in a tiny bathroom could be a new matter. It can be so annoying when you have to store much stuff like towels, tissue paper, soaps, toothpaste and other in the big storage in your tiny bathroom. It can be a mess bathroom.

There are many kinds of storage that you can install in your tiny bathroom. Even some storage you can make it by yourself and custom as well as you want to decorate your bathroom. Most storage created for tiny bathroom specially are usually a hidden storage or a multipurpose storage. It supposes to display the tiny bathroom looks wider and clean.

I have collected some storage ideas for tiny bathroom. You may add some storage ideas to your DIY project to decrease spending too much money for decorating bathroom.

10 Tiny Bathroom Hacks To Store Lots Of Stuff

1.Corner White Shelf


The rack was designed to a small bathroom. So it won’t fill the room too much. Put in the corner besides the toilet is a right way. It won’t bother the activities in the room.

2. Vintage Bathroom


It’s useful space. The small rack could store many things and the small bathroom decorated beautifully.

3.Shelf Over The Toilet


it’s a cool idea to maximize your space in a great way. The rack was made from stainless steel.

4.Genius Storage


It’s a genius idea to store the stuffs. It’s maximize the function of the space.

5.Round Storage


It’s a unique stuff for saving the bathroom space. Space-saving sink with storage is very useful.

6.Hidden Storage


The storage would not mess the bathroom display, because it is a hidden storage behind the panel on the wall.

7.Sliding White Cabinet


Sliding white cabinet can store lots of amenities well. It was designed as fit as the rest of the space beside the shower room, so it’s a recommended idea.

8.Storage above the door

Source: Sonny Elie

Another unused space in the bathroom is above the door. Creating a storage above the door maximize the bathroom space well. You can store clean towels and tissues there.

9.Organizing Lots of Stuff Nicely


I like the display of this shelf. An opened shelf beside the toilet store magazines too. So while you a are in this rest room, you can read a magazine.

10.Wainscot Cabinet


The bathroom was decorated very well. No matter how small the bathroom is, It’s decorated nicely. Displaying some photos in the open storage is beautiful.

Maya Moka