Bathroom Paint Colors Trend To Refresh Your Bathroom Display

Redecorating bathroom display in every certain period is needed to keep your bathroom fresh and clean. A simply way to refresh the bathroom display is changing the paint color or repaint the wall. There are so many colors you can choose and lots of colors trend in this era. I suggest you to use your colors love to guide you.

I have some bathroom paint pictures to inspire you redecorating your bathroom paint. There are colors trends to design interior especially bathroom in this year. A tip for you is if you want dark color for your bathroom, install the lighting more than an ordinary treat.

10 Bathroom Paint Color Trends to Refresh Your Bathroom Display

1.Windy Blue Bathroom Paint


Windy blue paint color is good for a small and dark space room. There are lots of stuffs and amenities in this bathroom. This color should be consider to your favorite color.

2.Overtly Olive


Try Overtly Olive on bathroom walls with splashes of bright red or coral to add a twist.

3. Shabby Chic Style Furniture


If you think you are prefer to display vintage stuffs, you should choose soft color paint. It’s Shabby Chic style.

4. Rust Red and Brick interior

Source: Elizabeth Khun

5.Blue Stripes Paint

Stripes in a half bath wall is interesting. Make sure that we have to always use bright and soft colors in small space. The combination of blue and white is beautiful.

6. Navy Stripes meet gold polka


It’s a unique combination to decorate the bathroom. Navy Stripes meet gold polka.

7.Small Bathroom

Repainting the wall with white color and gold polka is good for small bathroom.

8.Black Paint Bathroom


If you want the dark color to your color, you have to light the room more than an ordinary lighting. Dark and brown paint of the wall are great ideas to decorate bathroom.

9.Dramatic Door


Paint a dramatic pattern on a standard builder grade door for striking visual impact. The door pattern is created from painter’s tape.

10. Stylish wall design

Actually there is no rule to paint your bathroom. Express your sense of art as unique as you are.

Maya Moka