Bathroom Window Cover For Providing Privacy and Beautifying The Bathroom

Covering bathroom window is more than just providing privacy in the bathroom. Bathroom window could be a point for beautifying a space in a bathroom. So we have to consider the right materials and the right design that we use for the window.

There are some recommended items that you can use to cover the bathroom window therefore fabric curtain, glass and other else. These following pictures are inspiring ideas to cover bathroom window which is providing privacy and beautifying the bathroom.

Some Great Ideas To Cover Bathroom Window Beautifully

1.The Half of The Window Curtain

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A simple cafe curtain-style window treatment can be the perfect finishing touch to an elegant bathroom. Placing the cafe curtain so that it covers the lower half of the window ensures privacy while letting in plenty of light. To add sparkle, leave the top half of the window bare so sunlight can stream into the room.

2.The Blue

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Add a luxurious touch with a soft Roman shade. The blue hues of this window treatment work perfectly in the white bathroom. Other blue accents create a soothing, timeless look.

3.Plantation Shutter

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Plantation shutter over the tub

4.Blue Shutters


Antiques shutter gives an old rustic bathroom feel.

5. Classic Balloon Shade


Love the look of a classic balloon shade over shutters. It’s recommended for you who love classic style

6.Stained Glass Window


A striking restored Victorian stained glass window in a bathroom renovation just shows you have can make a feature from stained glass. Once the light hits this, the colors in this bathroom will be incredible.

7.Luxurious Window Cover


Faux iron designer grilles are often used as window coverings. It’s a creative way to get a luxurious display of bathroom.

8.Lace Curtain

Window screens made from lace, it’s fantastic. You may add to your DIY project.

9.Ceiling Window


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