Beautiful Zebra Themed Bedroom For Your Daughter

Creating a pleasant bedroom is the main consideration to make your daughter bedroom. Some of girls like soft color such as pink and other soft colors, some other of girls like dark color such as black. Then it could be a hard decision for parent to decorate their daughter’s bedroom. There is a pattern which is nice to meet with other color and be suggested for you, parent. Zebra themed bedroom could be an alternative style to decorate your daughter’s bedroom. if you are not sure to take the bedroom theme, lets take a look some beautiful zebra themed bedroom for your daughter.

10 Beautiful Zebra Themed Bedroom For Your Daughter

1.Cute Decoration

Zebra patterned Rug on the floor to give a sense of warmth room. One side of the wall covered by black and white zebra pattern wallpaper. This room dominates with black and white zebra pattern. But there is pink color which meet the pattern beautifully.

2.Furry Pink Accessories in Zebra Theme Bedroom

A round pink furry rug and a square furry rug display the coziness of the bedroom. Giving a touch of zebra pattern on the bedding set and the pictures live the atmosphere.

3.Warmth Pink


Warmth color of the lamp and pink painted wall are combined to make a romance bedroom display.

4.Pink and Black Combination


There are three main color in the bedroom decoration, black, white and pink. This kind of bed is good for saving space the room and maximize the storage.

5.Candelier and Chair Zebra Pattern


Black and white are neutral colors so you can combine the colors with other colors. The rug, window cover, flower vase, blanket, and lamp have the same pattern, polka pattern. Those are support the zebra pattern of chair and chandelier. It’s perfect bedroom for your daughter.

6.Feminine Pink Zebra

Source: Kelly Porter

Zebra pattern is not only black and white but there is also pink and other color. The pink one is nice to decorate the bedroom.

7.Zebra Patterned Skin Furniture

Source: Betty Smith

This bedroom is so wonderful. I know it looks like a master bedroom. Yet you may decorate your daughter’s bedroom like on the picture above.

8.Green and Pink Zebra Theme


I love pink. Pink is nice and has gentle personality. So you can imitate your daughter’s personality using these soft color. Green, pink and zebra pattern create a pleasant bedroom.

9. M Zebra Themed Bedroom


Art letter on the wall is good. it can makes a point of interest in the bedroom because it fill the space.

10.Sweet Purple Zebra Themed Bedroom


Purple is also one of the favorite color of most girls. You can use the purple zebra pattern on the bedding set and window cover.

Thus, those are some zebra themed bedroom. Have you made a decision which decoration that you’ll adopt? Everything is good as the main thing is your love to your daughter.

Maya Moka