On Budget Bathroom Countertop Decor Ideas

Living in a house for a long time creates lots of memories. Besides creating lots of memory, it means that you should do some renovations and redecorate your house every certain period. Bathroom is the room which will display the worst room quickly than other room in a house. That will be happen when you overlook redecorating and renovating the bathroom.

In addition after a long time you have many list of renovation projects to your house. Don’t worry, you can do one by one, day by day. Firstly you can start to decorate the bathroom countertop. Give a simple touch to your bathroom countertop without spending much money.

10 On Budget Bathroom Countertops Renovation

1.Wood Countertop

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Bring the nature element into your bathroom. It is good for a small bathroom. It’s also recommended for you who take beach themed bathroom.

2.Rocky Countertop


With creative small bathroom remodel ideas, even the tiniest washroom can be as comfortable as a lounge. Perfect-sized sink and countertop with minimalist shower represents the ideal small bathroom one should have. A change of furniture and its location is the key for more functional bathroom to suit any kinds of interior design. Using the rocks to redecorate the countertop is a great idea.

3.Beautiful Reclaimed Wooden Countertop

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Change your countertop cover with the slice of wood. After that put some terrarium and plants on the countertop.

4. Combining Rustic and Modern Countertop

Source: nativetrails.net

I love the mix of modern and rustic in this bathroom design. It looks killer upon that live edge top.

5. Elegant Countertop

Source: cdn.ampproject.org

Elegant white and blue bathroom boasts a gray French washstand with cabriolet legs placed on basket weave floor tiles and topped with a white marble countertop fitted with a rectangular sink and polished nickel faucet fixed in front of a white marble backsplash positioned beneath a gray arched mirror flanked by crystal wall sconces mounted on a white wall.

6.Luxury Countertop

Source: home-furniture.net

Marble countertop with gold faucets show the luxurious of the design. The dimmer lamps light the countertop beautifully. Lets try this look to your bathroom countertop.

7.Modern Marble Countertop

Source: www.jeanstofferdesign.com

Gold frame of the mirror, gold dimmer lamps and gold faucets are the best combination to get elegant and luxurious look of the countertop. Lets try to install gold paint in your items.

8.Round Mirror

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It looks very simple. White square sink and the tile which was installed geometrically show the modern design of the bathroom countertop.

9.Large Mirror Covers The Wall

Source: www.casadevalentina.com

Choose this look if you want to get bigger look of your bathroom. Not only a square or a round mirror, but the mirror covers the wall perfectly.

10. Dramatic Lighting Countertop

Source: www.multfer.com

Giving the dramatic effect of your countertop uses the lamp under the countertop, on the ceiling and the hanging dimmer lamp. Look at the picture above and surprise your guest.

Those are some bathroom countertop ideas which you can adopt to redo your bathroom display. Lets see.

Maya Moka