Creative Bedroom Windows Treatment You Will Love

Covering the bedroom windows is an interesting part of decorating the bedroom. There are so many materials that you can use to covering the windows. Those are stained glass, linen curtain, burlap, lace and many more. If you prefer having window without covering, it doesn’t a matter. Covering bedroom windows is to make privacy and beautifying the display of the bedroom. These following pictures are extraordinary windows treatments you will love.

10 Creative Bedroom Windows Treatment You Will Love

There are so many kinds of fabric curtain in the stores, but these ideas are more than an ordinary curtain. Check these out.

1. Cityscapes Blind


Ukrainian designers HoleRoll have created unique window blinds that double as spectacular works of shadow art and depict glittering cityscapes.

2. The window of hutch


Beautiful cut out window covering, this one is made from quilter’s batting.

3.Fabric Scrap Curtain

Source: Ella Straus

If you like bohemian style, you can add this curtain to your DIY project. I know that there is no one sell this curtain. You can make the curtain using upsycle fabric.

4. Gypsy Window Veil


It’s made from many kinds of beaded and layered with white fabric. Make your own beaded window treatment, you can add this project to your DIY project list.

5.Barn Doors Windows Treatment


This barn door window treatment plays off the current barn door trend in home decor.

6. Elegance in Brown


It’s Creative elegance that captures the eye and stimulates both the left and right hemispheres. This look is perfect for a bedroom which has a small window.

7.Luxury Window Curtain


Combining white and gold color gives a luxurious decoration in the bedroom.

8.Beautiful Grill Window Treatment


It could a choice to have a window treatment from the outside. you can secure your room even you don’t cover your window. This idea could be an alternative way for you who want to maximize the daylight fill your room.

9.Diamond Pane Windows


A chic old style becomes a catchy window treatment. If you think you don’t like to cover your beautiful windows, you can take this alternative way to secure your room using wrought iron in the outside.

10.Roller Shades

Don’t be afraid to add a subtle pattern to your home décor look. A splash of color against a crisp white is sure to look fresh for your guest bedroom.

Maya Moka