Decorating Fabulous Beach Bathroom Using On Budget Accessories

Everyday we can go many times to the bathroom. Some people overlook their bathroom decoration and prefer to decorate other rooms like living room and kitchen. Have you know that a simple way to refresh our mind could be using fresh water. The nearest place to get lots of water is in the bathroom. Whether you think it will spend your money to renovate bathroom, We can choose a theme which doesn’t need more touch but can refresh our mind too. Beach themed bathroom is one of recommended bathroom theme. You can give a touch using some bathroom accessories. Cheap accessories can turn your ordinary bathroom into a fabulous bathroom.

Some Cheap Accessories To Decorate A Beach Bathroom Fabulously

1.Seahorses Branches


You can add this seahorses accessories to your DIY project. Make the shape of Seahorses using wire and glue the branches on the wire. It’s an easy project.

2. Starfish On The Wall


Arrange the Starfishes and Seashell over the toilet. Stick on the blue wall, It’s remind me on summer.

3. Seashell Glass


Put this amazing glass in your bathroom countertop. Then look how great your bathroom decoration is.

4. Lighthouses

It’s an unique way to use lighthouses decorating the bathroom. If you have large space of bathroom, it is perfect to be put in the corner side of your bathroom.


Get a dramatic an relaxing bathroom with this accessories.

6.Another Flower Bouquet

An alternative way when you love fresh flowers and you often put them in your room once a week or more, this bouquet bring nature in and give a fresh sense of flowers.

7.Seashell Frame

Decorating the mirror use seashell is a simple way to bring the sense of beach to the bathroom. Add this project to your DIY project to avoid spending too much money.

8.The Oval-shape Soap Dish


It’s great to decorate your beach house. Starting from a simple stuff you can change your ordinary bathroom to be a fabulous beach bathroom.

9.Toilet Flush Handle

Mermaid Toilet Flush Handle  is a cute accessories. Not only kids but adult like mermaid. For adult, mermaid is sexy. It’s an interesting Flush Handle.

10. Waterproof Shower Curtain


There are so many pattern and pictures you can use for your shower curtain. This picture is just for the example.

Maya Moka