DIY- Folding Bath Towels On Smart Ways

Organizing lots of things in a room is not easy. You might be organize all items well once, yet it can be a clutter room few minutes later. Bathroom is a room  which has an essential function in a house. Everyone can go to the bathroom many times a day, the activities are always start and end in this room.


Do you have lots of towels to be store in the bathroom shelf or cabinet? how do you fold it? while you store your towels in an open shelf it should be fold neatly. The many towels which is stored in the bathroom can boost your bathroom look. Check these following pictures about folding towels. You can fold and try some of these recommended folding towel techniques.

Some Creative Folding Towel Technique To Beautify Your Bathroom

Folding Towel Retail Stores


I bat you often see the folded towels display in the retail store. It’s a common and simplest technique. Look at the picture above and try to do it using your towel.

Look at the steps on the picture above.

This ordinary look of towels come to your bathroom. You should try this technique.

Tropical Folding Towels Like A Spa


Add a tropical touch to your display of bath towels by turning down a corner of each rolled towel and tucking a single tropical flower into the fold. Look at the steps on the picture below.


Put a flower to garnish the your rolled towels to add a sense of spa room.

Hanging Bunch Towel


How do you hang your towels? It’s just another way to beautify the clutter room. This look is not only give a mess room display but it could beautify the room,

Hanging Folded Towels Combination


Rolled, hanged, and tied are the technique of the hanging bathroom towel. Look at the picture carefully and reveal the technique.

Hanging Fold Bath Towel


It would be surprising for your guest. Tied green towels are creative way to decorate your bathroom. Using a ribbon or a rope could give another better sense of bathroom view.

Beautiful Hanging Fold Bath Towels In A Hook


This is just another way to display towels beautifully in your bathroom. This arrangement is not only consist of one towel but it is consist of three towels which fold horizontally and tied with the ribbon.

Maya Moka