Essential Points To Remember Before Setting Kid Bedroom Up

Designing a pleased room is important for kid bedroom or baby nursery room, but it has to be safe. Some parents are prefer to create a room which is fun and playful. Kids are usually playing and running as they want without paying attention to their surroundings. So that’s why the right furniture placement and the material selection have to be essential points before setting kid bedroom or nursery room up. There are some rule points that parent should be considered. Designing your dream baby nursery isn’t just about choosing a cute theme. Before your start to designing your baby nursery, here are some safety tips to follow.

9 Essential Points Before Setting Kid Bedroom Up

1.Bed Rail Toddler Baby Safety Barrier Protective Guard Fold-able Bedroom Nursery


Install the foldable safety guard in the edge of the bed. It’s to avoid the baby fall in the floor while sleeping. You can purchase the foldable safety guard in the online store or baby shop.

2.Socket Caps


Their curious feel can be a reason the children are in danger. Use the socket caps to avoid the children get an electric shock. It will be very dangerous probability.

3.Soft Pads For Wall And Floor


While the children play around at the play ground, they often run around the room without paying attention the risk. Installing the soft pads on the wall could avoid the worst likelihood.

4.Corner Bumpers


Nowadays there are many kinds and shapes of corner bumper. Besides it is so functional, these cute corner bumpers can color the room decoration too.

5.Baby Box


The baby box size should give an extra safety for the baby. The height of the fence should be adjusted well, It should not be too high or too low. The standard height of the crib is 90 cm and be equipped with a safety lock.

6.Safety Furniture


Choose the stable and sturdy furniture  when it is climbed and trodden by the child. Avoid to use the hollow furniture because the kid’s fingers can get stuck.

7. A Safe Carpet


Clean the carpet everyday or every time when the carpet is in dirt. As long as the kid don’t has any allergic of dust, many kinds of carpet can be used. the main point of using the carpet is to treat and to clean routinely.

8.Avoiding Harmful Substances


You should consider to use safe substances decorating kid bedroom. Choose water-based paint to coat furniture and bedroom wall.

9. Avoiding Radiation Effects


The television and computer in the bedroom can interfere the kid’s sleep.  It would be better to put the television and the computer in another room.


Maya Moka