Essential Rules Of Decorating Bathroom You Should Know

There are so many style of designing interior in this era. Bathroom is a main room that we should give more attention than other rooms in a house to decorate in a right style. Originally the main consideration is a bathroom must be functional. Considering on what style you want to choose to decorate your bathroom is not matter. These maintained rules are just the main of the other essential rules to help you considering the right style which is proper for your bathroom.

3 Main Rules to Decorate Bathroom You Should Know

1.Make sure it’s ergonomic


Basically, a bathroom must work as what the main purpose of the bathroom. That means it should feel natural to use and be easy to clean, and all the essential elements must be accessible, clear, suitably lit and functional. Whatever design you adopt, never let style get in the way of function.


Avoiding the clutter room is the an important consideration too. Arrange your bathroom only with the main furniture.

2. Let in natural light

Bathrooms are so frequently given the residual spaces that are left once the bedrooms have taken the best spots and windows, but spare a thought for those relaxed and contemplative times spent in the bathroom. Daylight can be the wonderful magnifier of space and it’s important in small bathrooms.


The most intense daylight comes from above. A roof glazing is a great way to flood a room with daylight while saving the walls for sanitary ware and fittings. However, creating a window in the bathroom is another great way to take a bath with a lovely view concept. A small bathroom can be managed beautifully.


You can also use the window cover to beautify your bathroom.

3.Lavish with good lighting

Source : Amy Amelia

We’ve already mentioned daylight, but many bathrooms simply don’t have a window and anyway, we all use bathrooms after dark, so it’s vital also to consider artificial lighting. As with any room, the solution comes as a combination of task and ambient lighting. You won’t want to be trying to do eye make-up in your own shadow.


The conclusion is whatever the style of your bathroom, remember these three essential rules.

Maya Moka