Extraordinary Ohio State Fan’s Bedroom Ideas

Ohio State won their first national championship in 1942 under head coach Paul Brown. Ohio State Buckeyes Football team was built in 1922 and having won eight national championships along with 38 conference championships. It’s a great achievement, so that’s why Ohio State has lots of fans.

I wonder you’re the one who takes Ohio State as your favorite football team. Most fans express their love with having many kinds of stuff such as t-shirt, caps, books, bag, cushions and many more. Some of them bring their favorite football team in their bedroom. They totally decorate their bedroom using many stuffs of Ohio State Buckeyes football team.

10 Extraordinary Ohio State Fan’s Bedroom

1.Little Boys Bedroom


The walls look like the football helmets with gray base and the red black and white stripes down the middle. Sticking the flag on the wall over the headboard and using the red bed cover represent of the big fan of Ohio State.

2.Pleasant Room


The wall looks like the helmet of Ohio State.Choosing the black and red cabinet and bucket are great idea. There is no more logo except the picture on the bucket and the bucket. It’s a little boy’s bedroom. I know it’s a pleasant room.

3.Red and Grey Bedroom

Source: Beth Liller

Red and Grey painted wall is enough to represent the football team. Creative wall stickers become one point of interest in this room. Those are very cute.

4.Teenage Boy Bedroom

Source:Kris Grimm

Are you a parent who have a son who love Ohio State football team? then try this look to makeover your son bedroom.

5.Ohio State Buckeyes 5 Panel Wall Canvas Art.

Source: yourobsessionstore.com

Ohio State Buckeyes 5 panel wall canvas art could be a choice for you who want to have a simple look or minimalist decoration.

6.Fun Red Blue Gray Boy’s Bedroom Design


It’s always red with white strips. The chairs were created in a simple shape but could represent the nationality of the big fans.

7.Teenage Bedroom

Source:Cary Girardot

Teenager like to show their uniqueness personality. They like to show their energetic personality. This room is recommended for Ohio State teenager fans.

8.Unisex Bedroom Of Ohio State Fan’s Bedroom

Source: bedding.com

Not only boys like football, but also girls may like football. If you’re a girl who likes Ohio State , this look is recommended to decorate your bedroom.

9.Elegant Bedroom of Ohio State Fan’s


Using stripes red bedcover is enough to represent big fan’s love. This bed is for men or boys.

10.Cute Window Covering


Red Ohio State curtain cover the window. The bedroom display is for teenager.

Maya Moka