Extremely Creative Bathroom Prank At Home You Must Try

There is a statement that I had ever heard “Because if your kids don’t learn pranking at home, they’ll learn it on the streets”. So don’t blame me to share these prank idea. Facing April Fool or Halloween, you must be thinking so hard to make some crazy prank to your friends or family member. Check these following bathroom prank that you can do at home. You should try one of these ideas.

7 Creative Bathroom Prank At Home



Tape plastic cockroaches all over the bathroom wall

2.Toilet Paper Fool


You can also replace the toilet paper in your kid’s bathroom with this DIY masterpiece. Look at the steps on the pictures above.

3.Spider Picture


Now for some bathroom pranks! This one is easy and perfect if you can draw even a little.

4.Blood Bath Mat


I want this so badly. I would terrify myself every time.

5.Poop Prank


It’s a crazy and nasty idea. But it will be very effective to prank your sister or brother.

6. Malfunction Soap Bar


Paint a bar of soap with finger nail polish and leave it in the shower.

7.Scary Bathroom


Scary shadow bathroom mildew proof using waterproof shower curtain.

Maya Moka