Some Fire Truck Bedroom Ideas For Realizing Kid’s Dream Of The Hero

Decorating kids bedroom with fire truck theme hear so great. One of the real heroes in the real life is the firefighters. They always help everyone who needs their help. The firefighters dedicate their life to help many people. Lots of kids have a dream becoming a hero like firefighters. The firefighters always come by the prided red fire truck.

Then how about bringing fire truck in your kids bedroom. The kids who have an obsession that someday they could become a hero like firefighter, it will be a dreamy bedroom.

10 Kid’s Dream Bedroom Of Fire Truck Theme

1. Wall Art Fire Truck


This room decorates using red and touch of wood elements. I know the kids will love this bedroom.

2. Bunk Bed Fire Truck

Bed includes two twin beds, ladders to climb to the top, pole to slide down, area to mock “drive” the bed, reading lights, and headline.

3. Red and Black


Three fire truck canvases picture become a point of interest in this bedroom. Red curtain and fire truck bedding set is a catchy decoration.

4.Awesome Room For Little Boy


This is awesome bedroom for little boys. Using Three fire truck canvas pictures over the headboard is creative idea. The bed is designed for saving the bedroom space. The capinet under the bed could be a storage for lots of toys.

5. Fire Truck In The Bedroom

It’s a crazy. Bringing the fire truck, I mean the artificial fire truck in the bedroom. It looks like in the station, the real station. I love this decoration. It’s recommended for parents.

6. Elegance Little Boys Bedroom

Modern look of children bedroom is good. Bringing the fire truck theme in this room is great. Using the bedding set and other supporting furniture complete the decoration. The kids could be a hero in their room.

7.Fire Station Themed Room

Source:Tim Jones

Paint the wall as great as you can. It will be a precious for your kids.

8.Next Generation Of Firefighter


Have a future firefighter in the family? This room is sure to thrill. It feels like in the station. It’s the firefighters room. Spread the fire of the spirit in the bedroom.

9.Wall Mural

Take a fire truck theme one step further with a firehouse headboard. A wall mural is a great way to top a bed and add to a room’s theme.

10. Fire Station Nursery Room

Not only little kids are allowed to have the fire truck theme bedroom. A very tiny baby is also allowed to have the room. this nursery room decorated with fire truck theme.

Those are just options for you to be your references to decorate kids bedroom. So have you decided which look that you will adopt? Good luck parents.

Maya Moka