Freaky Decoration Ideas For Turning Your Unique Bedroom Amazingly

The best part in a house to show your real personality is in your private area, bedroom. You can do many things to your bedroom look. Sometimes, a unique item or an unusual item which we use can be a freaky thing for others. Yet, just do what you want to your bedroom, because it’s your own area. You can decorate a room which different from others freely.  I have collected some freaky ideas to inspire you decorating your bedroom.

10 Freaky Ideas For Your-Style Bedroom

1.Cinder Block Bedside Table


It’s relatively cheap but it can look great in your bedroom as a bedside table. It’s a functional furniture that can be a choice.

2. Washy Tape Picture Frames


Add a little personality to your room. You don’t need to spend your money for photo frames. You can do it by yourself and it’s cheap. Design your wall as unique as you.

3. DIY Dotty Wallpaper

How about doing the dotty pattern by your own hand? You can turn your wall look using the dotty pattern. You don’t need to purchase wallpaper, you can use stickers to save your money.

4. Marbeled Trinckets


Get the look of marble using nail polished. You should add this idea to your DIY project list. Put your old nail polishes to use with this fun and easy faux marbling DIY technique. Marbling everything can beautify and show your uniqueness in your room.

5. Washy Tape Vases

It’s just another ideas to use washy tape. You can change an ordinary vase look using this kind of multipurpose thing, washy tape.

6. Cardboard Bedroom Silhouettes


When your basement still full of unpacked boxes from a recent move and company coming into town, you can use the cardboard to decorate your room. How amazing are these furniture silhouettes? Perfect if you aren’t planning on staying in the same spot for too long.

7. Bed Head Art

A simple and temporary head board is perfect for people who like to change their mind a lot. With these easy designs and fabulous fabrics, you can give your home a bold new look in just one weekend.

8. Hanging Notepad


This would be perfect for stand up note taking in your desk.

9. Hand Painted Cushions


While you can’t find the right pattern for your cushion’s covers, you can create by your hand.

10. Hand Writing Statement Wall


Walls are functional parts of our home or office, but they can also help with the aesthetics of the space. You can show your uniqueness using your handwriting on your bedroom wall as an alternative way without wallpaper pattern.

Maya Moka