Gardening Project Ideas: Combining Colorful Flowers And Orange Flower For Eye-Catching Front Yard Flower Garden

Gardening is a kind of hobbies that everyone should try. Planting some kinds of our favorite flower could refresh our mind and reduce the stress level. Then, are you planing to rearrange your front yard look? If you are still looking for front yard garden idea, you are in a right place. I have collected some inspiring ideas of front yard flower garden ideas below.

10 Ideas For Arranging Colorful Front Yard Flower Garden

Orange is a color that bring cheer and happiness. The orange flowers can glow your garden. If you prefer a colorful flower garden arrangement, you can combine an orange color flower with other flowers’color. Check the ideas below.



Tulip flowers are usually cup-shaped with three petals and three sepals. The upright flowers may be single or double, and vary in shape from simple cups, bowls, and goblets to more complex forms. Height ranges from 6 inches to 2 feet. One tulip grows on each stem, with two to six broad leaves per plant. Combining the red, purple and orange tulips is a simple way to beautify your front yard.

2. Container Garden


It can be an alternative for you who have no more space to be a garden. You can make a container garden in a giant vase. It’s consist of Solenia orange begonias, variegated licorice and creeping jenny.

3. Orange Poppies and Lavender


Lavender grows alongside orange poppies in a rock garden. It’s an ideal spot for lavender because it provides good drainage.

4. Sitting Flowers


It’s a great way to make a stunning front yard flower garden. Impress your guest with that uniqueness. You can do it using your old chair.

5. Nasturtiums Fence


These plants, with their bright greenery and vibrant flowers, are good for containers or as ground cover. Their pretty fragrance also makes them a good choice for cut flowers. Nasturtiums are perfect to grow with children because they grow so easily and rapidly

6. Wheelbarrow Garden


Collecting some pots of flowers in one place to center the view like on the picture is a stunning idea. We can use an unused wheelbarrow to create this stunning garden.

7. Colorful Border


Border your front yard using many kinds of your favorite flowers.

8. Summer Window Box


Decorate your window using these flower plants. It can be an interesting summer activity. The window box is consist of Calibrachoa (orange), sutera cordata (white), scaevola hybrid (blue), and Ipomea Marguerite (Sweet potato vine) kellygerm.

9. Spilled Flower Pot


Make a spilled flower pot. It will also work as a focal point of your front yard garden. Add this idea to your DIY gardening project list.

10. Star Shaped Flower Bed

Source: www.tootsietime.comShape the flower area to a star shape. Plant the flowers around the tree. You can beautify the look by adding a bike in the center.

Finally, that’s all the front yard flower garden ideas that I can share. Create your own flower garden creatively.

Maya Moka