How To Decorate A Pleasant Bedroom Using Nate Berkus Bedroom Tips

The main reason of decorating a bedroom is to get your best night’s sleep. Nate Berkus has some stylish decoration sleep-enhancing quality moves on a bedroom. It felt like the perfect opportunity to encourage everyone to do a little redecorating in the name of quality sleep. We’re also breaking down some of the key themes and products that helped turn the bedroom into a relaxing oasis that’s sure to bring better sleep than even the cushiest luxury hotel. After all, personal touches go a long way. Here’s how to bring the look and feel to your home.


3 Main Keys To Decorate A Pleasant Bedroom From Nate Berkus

1.Layer In Vintage And Handmade Pieces

They’ll add a patina and personality that will make a bedroom feel truly welcoming and perfectly tailored for you. The proof is in the Antique French Gilt & Gesso Mirror from Chairish, one of Nate’s favorite resources for vintage finds. Or just look at those handmade pieces from artisans around the world, like the Pom Pom Garland Accompany and the Palermo Chair from The Citizenry. There are two sites Nate loves uniqueness and always has special accents.

2. Amp Up The Softness


Nate added depth to the space by layering fabrics in soft, neutral tones. Specifically with the Embroidered Duvet and Longhair Throw from his summer collection available at his site, you’ll also notice other his collections treasures throughout, like those Brass Lamps, Equestrian Side Tables, and more.


Add depth and softness by bringing in fabrics in a soft, muted color palette. And don’t be limited to pillows. Hang fabric on your walls and slipcover your nightstands

3. Clear The Clutter

Don’t let your nightstands and dressers turn into catch-all, keep them curated to the essentials. Notice how the pretty, relaxing blue color helps drive home that relaxed feel.


People tend to put so much junk on their bedside table. If it’s not functional or beautiful, get rid of it.

Maya Moka