How To Design A Functional Spare Bedroom For Guest Room Or Workroom Or Play Room And Other Purpose Room

Having a guest bedroom is optional for home owner. It’s not very essential room to be designed. We may decide to design a guest bedroom. However, it could be a functional room only for some days while the guest is staying. After that, it is just a non functional bedroom.

So we should make our rooms work smarter. We could design a multipurpose room that can be used for some functional room beside the main purpose is to be a guest bedroom or spare bedroom. Check these ideas below to create multipurpose room.

10 Creative Ideas Rearranging A Spare Bedroom For Guest Become Multipurpose Room

1.Classic Decoration


The space has more action than an ordinary room, as an office space and a hangout room for kids. The daybed adds seating and capacity for overnight guests.

2. Functional Room


The room is designed for 4 purposes, those are library room, workroom, guest bedroom, and living room. It’s a great idea to create a functional room. If you have not space enough in your house to have those rooms, you should try this idea.

3. Attic Room


Turning the attic into a bedroom for guests or for kids is an alternative way to save your house space. It can be a spare bedroom or for kids.

4. Mini Library Room


Sophisticated library can easily multitask as a guest room with the addition of a daybed. For instance, this canopy version is at once a personal reading nook, a luxurious resting spot for an afternoon nap, and a cozy retreat for overnight guests.

5. Sofa Bed


This product look like a magic. We can make our shape of sofa that we want. While we want to gather with family member, we could use the sofa to sit down on the sofa pleasantly. Another time while we want to sleep, we can change the function of the sofa being a bed by some touches. Sit, sleep, store! Make the most of small college spaces with the 3 in 1 freely sofa-bed

6. Workroom And Library


The combination of study area, library, place to just chill and guest bedroom. You can read the books or doing your job on the desk and chill out on the bed while you are getting bored or tired.

7. Twin Desks Multipurpose Room


This room is a combination between workroom and bedroom. It designed for two people. You can work here and after that if you are getting bored or tired you can chill your body on the bed which could be used as a sofa.

8. Tiny Bedroom


Love this storage headboard. The trundle could also be re purposed as storage for blankets or out-of-season clothes. There is another bed under the main bed, it is very useful and saving the space in the bedroom.

9. Spare Bed


It’s another great ideas designing the amazing bed. The bed could be hidden become a desk. I am not sure where to get this bed but, if you think you can add this idea to your DIY project list, why not.

10. Hidden Bedroom


Hide your bed under a raised living area. It’s a concept design for a small apartment that involves raising one end of the living room to create a space to fit a bed underneath. The design is perfect for saving space.

Maya Moka