How To Styling Master Bedroom Using Interior Design Trends In 2013

The most private room in a house is a bedroom. Master bedroom is usually built in larger size than other bedrooms. Designing master bedroom is very personal. If you want a modern style and traditional style, you can combine the styles in a room. It reminds on bedroom design trends in 2013. In the year 2013 bedroom trends is combination of old and traditional styles with modern and minimalist touch.

5 Points To Remember Redecorating Bedroom Using The Trends Of 2013

Throwing back your mind to the popular interior design in 2013, you should consider some points to decorate your master bedroom using the popular design. Check these points to create your stylish bedroom.



More and more homeowners prefer open, spacious, hotel-inspired bedrooms with high ceilings, large walk-in closets, and bathroom inside, fireplaces, mini refrigerators and pop-up TV cabinets. It is moving toward becoming a home within the home, an all-in-one place where you can perform daily tasks without leaving the bedroom.


The example of the picture above has a high ceiling  and high curtain installation.

2. Color


All shades of green were the trendiest color of 2013 in interior design. Bedrooms remain a place of refuge for most with a soothing and calm color palette. By adding right green such as apple green, sage green or lime green, you can bring restfulness and freshness. Green refers not just to a color of wallpapers, textile or furniture. Green means nature – plants, which are healthy with air cleaning effect, natural beauty products, eco-friendly baskets, pictures of grass, fresh flowers and even aquariums.

3. Texture


Touchable textures as suede, fur, velvet, silk, linen and lace are taking over in 2013. Wooden furniture should be reclaimed or antique so you can feel its surface. Yet the must-have of the season is brass. Brass is everywhere. It glamorizes and vivifies any room: metallic lamps, picture frames, bedside tables, flower vases and even brass handles on doors. Thus the main inspiration is warmth and comfort bringing a proper home atmosphere.

4. Ethnic ideas


It was very popular to build a personal style by using ethnic touches into bedroom interior. Old grandmother rugs, wooden furniture with carvings or wrought iron, sculptures and handmade decorations, these all bring coziness and warmness. African influence is also major trend in 2013 with imitations of animal skin on objects of interior making them luxurious. Wood and bamboo furniture works ideal when teamed with zebra and leopard elements.

5. Embellished walls


Wall writing and hand sketching was the trend of 2013 in interior design. Like graffiti, it is a unique way of expressing yourself. Get out your paintbrushes and create your very own work of art.

Maya Moka