Ideas To Create Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping Curb Appeal Driveway

The visual attractiveness of a house as seen from the street is an essential part for selling a house or for showing the personality of the owner. Landscaping, the front entrance, and the condition of the paint or siding are the biggest factors in curb appeal. One of the supporting items to get an impressive house is front yard landscaping.

Utilize these expert ideas and pointers to create a classic landscape that is easy to keep. Landscaping companies frequently include bordering around flower gardens, the house structure, and often pathways and driveways. Setting up the edging in curves rather than flawlessly straight lines includes allure and character.

10 Ideas Of Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping

1.Lavender Pathway

Landscaping with lavender is easy and of low maintenance as this herb is available in so many colors and need not much care. Plant lavenders along your entrance way, it could impress your guest or even yourself everyday for feeling special while walking to the door.

2. Pebble And Grass Combination

You can design your front yard curb appeal using the simplicity like on the picture above. There are not too many plants which planted but you can change the stunning flowers garden arrangement with grass and pebble to bold your front yard. It doesn’t need much care.

3. Stones Wall House


Arranging the stepping stones in the ground of the yard can be an alternative idea to have a low maintenance front yard. Letting the plants grow in the open area, it will not need much care, you can water the plants twice a week or more.

4. Japanese Style


I can say that the yard is adopted from Japanese style, because of the fence ornament shape. If your house is in tropical area, or summer season, you can adopt the look of the picture above.

5. White Pebble Driveway


Are you getting desperate on designing your front yard or a bit bored on your front yard design, you can adopt some compositions of the look above. Using white pebble for the entrance way is a great idea. It could save your money to renovate your front yard. Plant the catnip to color your front yard.

6. Simplicity For Your Luxury House


There are only 5 kinds of green plants which decorate the front yard. There is no flower plant in order to low the treatment cost and time.

7. White Flowers


Bold the front yard using green grass and green trees. The white flower trees are very interesting items to impress the people from the street. You can give a touch of a certain color flower to line the entrance way.

8. Succulent


The easiest plant to treat is a kind of succulent. You can design your front yard like a dessert which has not many kinds of plants inside. You will not need to water your front yard daily.

9. Welcoming Trees


It’s a great idea to impress the guest or just the people on the street. It’s a beautiful greeting, for everyone.

10. Stones Entrance Way


The plants look growing naturally without a line limitation.  It makes a sense of fresh atmosphere in the front yard.

Finally, which ideas that is fit to your plan? Don’t forget to consider the cost of the project. Good luck.

Maya Moka