Inspiring Design Of Locker Room In The Bedroom

Considering on locker room design in a small space bedroom could be a hard problem to solve. You should find ideas and inspirations on it carefully. Locker room or dressing room or you may also call closet room is an important part in a bedroom for keeping a tidy space. While you decided to build a locker room in your master bedroom, it’s a great idea to feel organised and keep bedroom clutter free. A dressing room is a desirable and elegant addition to a home, and although it is not usually seen by guests.

10 Locker Room Bedroom Ideas

Modular furniture would be highly useful for a small space. Choose a color that is neutral, mildly warm or is able to efficiently bounce off the light. Find ideas and inspiration for master bedroom closet with dressing room to add to your own home. Check these following ideas for inspiring your master bedroom locker room.

1.Closet Room


Maximizing the space in the master bedroom uses the board to separate the bed and the closet room. The locker room is hidden behind the board. A walk-in closet is a dream for many, if you have no more space to build a closet room, you should try the design.

2. Beautiful Little Closet


Do you want a new space to store your clothes and accessories? I think the design is a great idea to adopt. Functional barn doors are totally inspiring for a small bedroom. The closet room was designed in a very small space beside the bathroom.

3. Scandinavian Closet Room Style


It’s a stunning decoration of a locker room. While designing the locker room, you should consider to custom your shelves or you can purchase on the store. This idea is using many kinds of lights. There are lots of lights, you can adopt the idea of installing the lights in this room.

4. Functional Storage For Saving Space


Are you a girl who have no more space in the bedroom? You can adopt the look above. Consider to custom your shelves in order to get a proper size and functional shelf. You may cover your storage using the white fabric curtain or you should match the color of the curtain with the shelf.

5. Dressing Room


White fixtures and floor are perfect for small bedroom. Solid color could give a sense of wider room. The small bedroom is creatively built to be a functional room. Bunk bed is a great alternative way for small bedroom. The locker room is under the bed, so the bedroom could be organized well.

6. Upper Stair Dressing Room For Man Bedroom

If your bedroom is built in a high ceiling room, you should try to decorate the idea on the picture. You can function the upper side of the room to be your dressing room.

7. Fashion Girl Closet


When you have no more space for a locker room, you can add this idea to your alternative way. Covering the storage of the collection stuff in another side of bedroom is a simple idea to do. It’s recommended for saving space.

8. Blue Painted Dressing Room


Choosing soft color for the locker room is a wise decision. You can show your colorful collection well. The pendant light hangs beautifully in the center of the room ceiling. If you want to built a locker room, don’t forget to categorize each kind of stuff in a group in order to be easier to find.

9. Dreamy Girl Dressing Room


The large mirror is an essential fixture that must be exist in the dressing room. Beside showing your look, the large mirror could reflect the light and separating to room.

10. Bright and Clean


It’s a stunning dressing room. You can built a tidy dressing room using open shelves and some hooks. Show your best collection here.

Maya Moka