Inspiring Ideas To Create A Perfect Look Of Succulent Grass For Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping

The first thing of your house that will be seen from the street is your front yard. So that’s why many people want to have an impressive front yard. However the owner is very busy and have no much time to maintenance the front yard plants. You can add kinds of succulent to your bucket list landscaping your front yard.

The number one reason succulents die is over-watering. Succulents require a lot less water than we tend to think. I have personally killed a few succulents due to over-watering. If you are over-watering, your plant will appear soft and discolored (possibly yellow or white). So, it’s recommended to your front yard landscaping.

10 Fascinating Ideas Of Succulent For Alternative Front Yard Grass

1. Colorful Succulent Combo Grass


It’s a colorful succulent pathway border. You can plant many kinds of succulent and colorful succulent type in a area. It can be a choice of grass for a low maintenance front yard.

2. Desert Theme


It feels like a desert area. When you are very busy and have no more time to maintenance your front yard daily, you should try the theme. Succulent could be your loyal grass in a desert front yard.

3. By The River Stream


Making this design you will get the feeling like a river stream is in front of you. You can decorate it in a way so every next line of flowers is different than the previous one, but the flowers in the same line are the same. In this way you can easily arrange the flowers and get the wanted effect. It is recommended to use colors like light or dark blue, purple or pink in order to give an effect of water.

4. Stepping Down Stones


Down the dry creek bed edge. It’s a beautiful arrangement garden. If your house ground contour is uneven area, you can try copying this idea for your front yard landscaping.

5. Cricket Shape


If you like to create something out of the box, you can adopt the idea. Plant your succulent in a certain shape you want. The picture above, the succulent was shaped like a giant green cricket.

6. Another Alternative Grass


How about this idea? It’s a stunning succulent garden. Filling the space between the stepping stones with succulent could help your garden stay green, although you water your plants rarely.

7. Cactus And Succulents


You can insert some jars with blue or white color in order to give the scent of glass and any type of flowers in the family of succulents and cactus. Some colorful stones from the river or some rocks will give the place the desired effect.

8. Circle Lines


Some types of succulent look like flowers in various color. Planting every color of a succulent type in one line forms a circle in the ground. It’s a great idea of succulent grass.

9. Ethnic Touch


Combining some colors of pebble in one area could create an eye catching front yard. The front yard design of the picture above looks simple yet elegance.

10. Grass Limitation


Lovely way to place your plants along a wall, using the rocks as the limitation of types of the succulent. It’s a great idea for greening the front yard rather than overlook your front yard being an arid land.

Maya Moka