Some Inspiring Shabby Chic Bedroom Should Be Adopted


Many decoration styles are popular in this year. One of the popular decoration styles is shabby chic decoration style. Shabby chic is an interior design which display a classic decoration in elegance way. The furniture of the style is usually using antique furniture, a stuff which has vintage and rustic style, and much stuff have flowers pattern and lace fabric.

Choosing color theme to create shabby chic decoration usually use soft colors and pastel colors such as blush pink, gray, baby blue and many more. Nowadays many people decorate their bedroom using shabby chic style. How about your bedroom, what style do you prefer?

Whether you have a plan to make over your ordinary bedroom to be a lovely shabby chic bedroom, you should take a look some references of creative shabby chic bedroom. These following creative shabby chic bedrooms may inspire you.

10 Creative Shabby Chic Bedroom Decorations

1.Cozy Shabby Chic Bedroom


The great chandelier is give a sense of warmth room. The most shabby chic style is usually displaying in a romantic room. Combining gray color on the wall  and white cabinets and bed cover create a nice bedroom.

2.Fresh Purple Bedroom


Soft Purple color dominate the room color. Flowers pattern of some different size pillows are arranged nicely on the bed. It’s a cozy bedroom. It’s absolutely dedicate for a girl room.

3.Lovable Bedroom 


Square pink pattern of the bed cover and blanket is the point of interest in this room. White and creamy colors of the wall and stuffs give wider view of this room. A bunch of artificial pink roses in the bag decorate the beautiful bedroom nicely. Such a dreamy room.

4.Dreamy Shabby Chic Bedroom


I realize I want this look in my bedroom too. Ruffled bedding in a muted lavender hue adorns the ornate wrought iron bed in this enchanting girl’s bedroom. A frilled light fixture complements the bedding, and crisp white walls lend a bright, fresh feeling to the room. It’s a cozy bedroom.

5.Feminine and Masculine Bedroom

I know I could sleep well in this bed. This decoration is dedicated for a couple. Combining a feminine touch of the purple and masculine touch of the strong bed is a great idea.

6. Little Boys Bedroom 


Baby boys room with classic iron bed looks very nice. Combining blue navy and gray is in order to be a cozy room for a boy.

7.Gray and White Couple Bedroom 


Gray and White Combination is perfect to get a soft color theme. The rug which covered the floor give a warm touch in this room.

8. Shabby Pink Chic


Girls love pink. The white lace blankets and bed cover display a catchy room. There is always flowers pattern pillows on the bad to make shabby chic style perfectly.

9.Romantic Bedroom


Shabby chic is usually a romantic room decoration. The bed cover is represent the romantic shabby chic style. We can lay on the bed all day. It’s a comfortable arrangement.

10.Vintage and Rustic Shabby Chic Style


Shabby Chic is identical using rustic and vintage stuffs to decorate the room in order to look classic. This blue bad was carved beautifully.

Maya Moka