Intimate Bedroom Inspiration For New Couples To Fall In Love

A couple who has just married will want to stay in the bedroom in a long time. They are enjoying spend the time together. Then are you the couple who is going to get married soon? You should prepare the big day well, but you have to take a time to see your wedding bedroom too. The room will not only be owned by yourself but also your partner. So, has it been proper to both of you?

Plan your redecorating the bedroom well. Decorate it to be a pleasant and an intimate bedroom. You will share your love each other there. First think first the intimate bedroom should be a pleasant place to share and cuddling. If you need some ideas to redecorate your bedroom, I have collected some pictures for you as references.

10 Charming Intimate Bedroom Inspiration For New Couples Stay

Red Roses Petals Bedroom


This romantic bedroom is inspired from valentine day. Actually we could express our love to our partner anytime, so why don’t you take this decoration to your romantic relationship.

Romantic Blue Bedroom Ambiance

Blue is usually represent water and a cold room. Then it could be a reason to cuddle each other.  The string canopy makes a privacy to your bedroom. Lets see how close both of you stay in this room.

String Light And Canopy

Why don’t you make your bedroom looks like a fairy tale with sparkly string lights? Make the bedroom a place in your home where you can turn off the world around you. Fairy lights over the bed that stay on all the time could warm your heart and your partner.

Pleasant Bed With Canopy


Classic bed with canopy decorated with dimmer lamps. It’s a dramatic and warm bedroom. It’s a recommended bedroom decoration.

Luxurious Gold And White Pallet

A luxurious contrast like this gold and white palette is amazing decoration for a new couple. It looks like a dream bedroom.

Privacy Bed Space

It is a private bed designed very well. The curtain separate the bed and the rest space. The curtain is also giving a privacy and an intimate ambiance to the bed side.

Luxury Round Bed


A round, beautifully-adorned bed creates an intimate-luxurious feel and the wall mural is just a perfect match.

Romantic Candles Bedroom

It’s a dreamy bedroom for couple. Cuddling together under the furry blanket, I can’t imagine how sweet the moment becomes an unforgettable moment.

Dimmer Lamps


Staying in an intimate bedroom ambiance is a dream of every new couple. The canopy filters the lights of the dimmer lamps to the bed directly. It is a great idea to decorate a romantic bedroom.

Victorian Bedroom

Spend the night in this bedroom is a great moment. It is decorated like in the castle bedroom. The large round carpet gives a sense of the luxurious bedroom.

Thus, have you find your favorite bedroom decoration? The main consideration to choose the best decoration is to adjust with your bedroom size, your budget plan and your personality.

Maya Moka