Lovable Gray Painted Bedroom To Be Your Bedroom Makeover Project Ideas

Decorating the most private room in a house should be considered well. One of supporting element to decorate a room is color theme. Have you decided your bedroom color paint? If you are still confuse to find the right color, you should consider gray color to decorate your bedroom. Gray is a recommended bedroom color especially for boys. You can combine the color with other color freely. These following pictures are some gray painted bedroom that you can adopt.

10 Lovable Gray Painted Bedroom To Be References

Gray painted bedroom is not only for boys, but might also for girl’s bedroom. Check

Wood Ceiling

Source: essenziale-hd.com

Our bedrooms should be relaxing sanctuaries, where we go to sleep and refresh. It’s a minimalist decoration of the bedroom.

Creative Wall Mural

Source: www.pinterest.com

The constellations on the grey painted wall are the head of deer form and bird form. The elements of wooden in this room can add a sturdy frame to this room. The mirror beside the bed illuminate the room that there is another room way through the mirror.

Ombre Wall Idea

Source: www.redonline.co.uk

Try this look in your bedroom. Add the grey ombre wall to your DIY project and prove your sense of art. Painting a gray gradation wall is not easy, but it can be an amazing work when you can do it well.

Superheroes Gray Bedroom

Source: casinhacolorida-simone.blogspot.com

If you think you want your friend staring your wall, it’s an effective way to get it. There are so many tutorial on painting  the geometric wall on the internet, next try to do it by yourself. Then, add some favorite superheroes figure on the wall could boost your mood to remember the figure.

Teenage Girl Bedroom

Source: www.pinterest.com

It’s a cute combination. Although grey color dominates the room, a touch of pink represent the feminine feel in the bedroom.

Unique room lighting

Source: www.delightfull.eu

It’s a great lighting arrangement. Actually it’s a small space bedroom, but it is decorated with dramatic lighting arrangement.

Boy’s Gray Bedroom

Source: decoholic.org

When it comes to choosing your little boy’s room color it’s comprehensible that one gets a little bit indecisive, there are so many choices out there. Astrological sign drawn on the wall over the headboard wall. It’s an amazing constellation wall.

Luxury Design Bedroom

Source: www.popsugar.com

This luxury bedroom decoration is recommended for your master bedroom. Modern bedroom style shows the luxury in your bedroom. Using the mirror cabinet reflects the grey geometric pattern in the room nicely.

Embossed Flowers Wall

Source: www.pinterest.com

Giant flowers is on the wall. It’s very interesting wall. The embossed flowers on the wall become a point of interest while opening the door at the first time.

Painted Ceiling Inspiration

Source: noglitternoglory.com

The ceiling color and the bedding set color are solid grey. Combining with white wall and white wainscoting floor displays a good looking bedroom decoration. Displaying framed puppets on the white wall is great way to get the focus.

Maya Moka