Lovely Plum Colored Bedroom For Women And Girls

Inspired from a plum fruit, magically being a wish of a dream colored bedroom. Actually there are some color of plum fruit, such as purple, red and yellow. In this session I would like to share some plum colored bedroom design especially purple plum. Decorating the bedroom using plum color is usually dedicated for girl and women. Because the color creates a feminine look in the room. These following pictures are purple plum colored bedroom ideas. You can add the elements to makeover your bedroom.

10 Lovely Plum Colored Bedroom For Girl

1.Twill Purple Pillow Cases


Purple panel wainscoting meets with the gold fixtures. The room display is completed with the purple bedding set. There is no patterned element in this decoration.

2. Assembly Home First Mist Duvet Cover


Another way to bring plum color to the bedroom is using the bedding set. The gradation purple color to white of bedding set create a chic bedroom.

3. Sexy Purple Dormitory


It is just another idea for you who want to decorate the bedroom using solid color without any pattern. The look is also recommended to be applied for small space bedroom.

4. Polka Purple


The dots pattern on the wall , on the duvet and any cushions cover are perfect to beautify the room. Three gold pendant light over the bed is being a point of interest in the room. It’s a feminine bedroom for girl.

5. Chic Little Girl Room


It’s a little daughter’s bedroom ideas. The room is built in a safety consideration for kid room. The white pads on the wall is beautified with the flowers and purple canopy. It looks like a dreamy princess bedroom.

6. Enchanting Plum Colored Bedroom

Source: addicthome.infoIt’s a sexy bedroom for girl. Installing the dim lights on the wall is wonderful giving a dramatic effect to the purple painted wall .

7. Dreamy Bedroom


I know it’s a dreamy bedroom and a pleasant bedroom. If you are a women who really love purple, you should try this look. Covering the wall using patterned wallpaper, purple furnish and stuff and all about purple give lively atmosphere in the bedroom.

8. Shared Rroom In A Hotel

It’s a hotel room which use purple theme. The light in every line of the shapes on the wall over the bed create a chic bedroom.

9. Flowery Purple Bedroom

Wonderful decoration in a girl bedroom is on the picture above. The draperies are arranged to beautify the room and giving a privacy space to the sleeping space. The flowers decals decorate the wall and the ceiling.

10. Elegant Teenage Bedroom


There are so many dim lights in the bedroom. The bedroom is dedicated for teenage girl. It’s an alternative decoration while you have a plenty of space.

Finally, have you find which decor that you will add to redecorate your bedroom? Don’t forget to consider the coziness of your bedroom for sleeping. Good luck.

Maya Moka