Many Creative Bathroom Towel Racks To Organize Towels Neatly

Bathroom and towel are a main combination which we need every day. People wash their body in the bathroom and wipe using a towel. Displaying towels in the bathroom is not an easy matter to solve. We have to choose the right stuff to organize towel properly in the bathroom. There are some consideration like the bathroom space, the bathroom decoration theme and the function.

Organizing towels in a rack could avoid a mess. You can categorize the different towel size or save the clean towels in the rack. These following towel rack ideas could inspire you to organize your towel in the bathroom.

Some Creative Towel Rack To Organize Towels In The Bathroom Neatly

1.Saving Space Towel Rack

Source: Anna White

It is a great way to use the small space well. The idea to put the towel rack above the toilet is a right decision. It would not bother the activities.

2.Mahogany Hanging Towel Rack


The towel rack was made in a creative way. We can hang the towel and can fold the towel to save in the rack.

3.Towel Rack

Source: Ashri Ruanti

Whether you have enough space in the bathroom you can make the towels rack just like in the picture above. Not only to be a towel rack, but also you can put many things there.

4.Repurpose old wooden Chair


Turning an used wood chair back to re purpose as towel rack could save spending more money. Then you will be inspired to reuse another used stuff and make some DIY projects.

5.Rustic Pallet Towel Rack


It’s a rustic pallet towel rack. Do you want some to your bathroom? Try to add as your DIY Project.

6.Ladder Towel Holder

The ladder was made from bamboo. When the owner think it is not functional anymore, he can repurpose the ladder to be towel holder in the bathroom.

7.Linen Storage


Hang the rope and hang the towels on the storage. The storage is totally recommended for the bathroom which built in a small space, because you only need to hang on the wall and doesn’t need more space.

8.Repurpose Wine Storage

Are you considering to stop drinking? the used wine bottle storage could be a towel storage. You only need to roll the towel and put it properly.

9.Creative Way of Rope

source: Martha Stewart

It’s an easiest way to have towel rack. You can use linen rope on the wall and then hang your towel.

10.Tile Accent Towel Rack

Source: Shawn Muchacho

Using the small space to built permanent towel cabinet is creative. We could maximize the function of every inch of bathroom space.

Maya Moka