Most Fabulous Bathroom Drapery Ideas

Everyone has a dream on designing their house. Generally, everyone wants to create a homely room in each sides of their house. While you feel exhausted from a busy day, you will need to refresh your body and mind. Decorating the bathroom beautifully can helps you to boost your mood. One of supporting items to beautify your bathroom look is a drapery. Besides beautifying your room, it could gives a privacy to your space. Here are some fabulous bathroom drapery ideas to inspire you.

10 Most Fabulous Bathroom Drapery

1.Chic Separator


The tub is right beside of the bed. The room is separated using a drapery. It’s a beautiful idea to use a drapery as a separator between the bedroom and bathroom. The drapery is hooked on the wooden sloping ceiling. You can try this look to your room.

2.Romantic Canopy Bathroom


It’s a tranquil and romantic bathroom. The canopy is surrounding the tub. It’s like a princess’ bathroom decoration.

3.Floral Green Drapery Layers


Create a romantic bathroom retreat by integrating a traditional master bath with the master bedroom for the ultimate space for relaxation and romance. Flowery green and yellow drapery give a sense of privacy tub. It’s a chic design.

4.Black And White


The white drapery is layered by the black drapery. It aims to give a privacy space while soaking in the tub.

5. Boho Drapery For Guest Bathroom


If you like an ethnic decoration style, you should consider to adopt this look. The solid brown drapery is layered with another patterned drapery.

6.Tranquil Bathroom With Round Curtain Surrounding


It’s a tranquil bathroom, because you can feel the warmth while soaking in the tub. The drapery hang on the round curtain rod. It’s a unique way to show your beautiful bathroom.

7.White Drapery

Source: Ann Benoit

The draperies separate the tub and another space in the bathroom. It gives a sense wider space of bathroom.

8.Beautiful Drapery Arrangement


It’s a glamour bathroom design. The draperies arrangement create an artistic room. It’s completed with the dim light from the candles. It’s a dream bathroom decoration.

9.Canopy Over The Tub


A simple touch could give a huge effect to your room. The canopy is a supporting items for you who wants to decorate the bathroom in feminine style.

10. Curved Ceiling Drapery


I know the gold drapery function is beautifying the room. You may copy the windows treatment ideas to beautify your room decor.

Finally, have you find what you mean here? It’s just a reference to dig your creativity more than usual. I hope it works.

Maya Moka