Popular Bathroom Design Ideas In 2014 To Be Brought Back In 2018

There are so many style of home designs which has ever being popular in the years. Home design trends come and go, but for many homeowners, these spins on “classic” looks are the ultimate attention-grabbers for 2014. Throwing back to the year 2014, there are some popular bathroom design styles. You should consider the styles in 2014 to be adopted to your bathroom decor in this year. Check these following bathroom design ideas below.

Some Popular Bathroom Design Tips Of The Year 2014 To Bring In This Year

1.Simple Look And Open Light

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The contemporary bathroom designs in the year are influenced by Asian look. Some homeowners opt for simplicity, with clean lines, bamboo floors, and a few small touches of decor (think potted orchid or a china vase on the vanity). The main consideration to decorate the bathroom is bringing the natural light in the bathroom.

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Thus, the popular bathroom designs of the year 2014 should have windows and consisting of simple composition.

2. Let the Light In

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The bathroom is traditionally not a place for doors and windows. There is a way that had been found by architects and home builders to bring natural light into the bath while also maintaining privacy. High windows near the ceiling, applying a “frosted” film over larger windows, or simply hanging some attractive curtains are a few examples.

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Treat your bathroom windows to beautify your room. You can try treating your windows like on the picture above. Bring a sense of nature to your bathroom using a plant and some supporting items such as stone and wainscoting floor or wall.

3. Add Some Vintage Fixtures

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The farmhouse look was really popular in the year 2014. The style is usually add some rustic and vintage items to decorate the room. Carved wood frames the oval mirror among the two vintage dim light. I suggest you to avoid using many colors of fixtures  while decorating the farmhouse style bathroom.

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If you like farmhouse style, the look of the bathroom above can be a reference for you. Unique white framed mirror is supported with the wood crafts in the white vase. It make a sense of old style in a modern era.

Finally, I hope it could helps you to inspire you decorating your bathroom. That’s all.

Maya Moka