Recommended Nautical Theme Bathroom

Do you a little obsessed on beach, sea and ocean? Bring the atmosphere into your bathroom to remind your best moment in the beach. Nautical bathroom style can be your options to decorate your bathroom. The reason why should we decorate nautical style in bathroom is because there is lots of water just like in the beach and we can get wet freely. It’s an effective way to remember your beautiful moment of summer holiday. The main idea is to refresh your mind from the activity all day.

Some Recommended Nautical Theme Bathroom To Be Adopted

Unique Porthole Storage


This is a unique porthole storage. Feels like living in a ship. It’s a simple touch to bring nautical theme in the bathroom. You should consider this look to your bathroom.

White Stuff In Grey Painted Bathroom


Don’t look at the size of the room. Focus on how you can make it a space in which you’ll feel cozy. It’s a chic nautical theme bathroom.

Mini Boat Shelf


Look at the mini boat shelf besides the countertop. It’s totally great idea. The shelf shapes a boat.

Navy Blue Stripes Curtain


Navy blue stripes curtain meets half grey painted wall in a small bathroom. Using white furry mats adds the pleasant feel to the room. The nautical theme is represented by the anchor sign and the paddles on the wall.

Dreamy Beach Bathroom


Its a dreamy bathroom decoration. Combining navy blue tiles and white tiles creates a great look. The blue anchor sign on the wall and painted ceiling like the night sky are amazing idea to decorate a nautical bathroom. It’s totally recommended decoration to be copied.

Wavy Pattern Wall

Love the BEACH shower tile! Cool shark themed bathroom off the bedroom with nautical loft with hidden passage way to the next bedroom with loft, fire pole, climbing wall, loft bed with hangout underneath.

Blue Ocean Master Bathroom Countertop


The vanity countertop is very beautiful. Its decorated with nautical items, such as starfish and seashell jars.

Coastal Inspired Bathroom


Bringing nautical atmosphere in the bathroom is shown on the picture above. Using sailing boat picture mat and sailing boat painted wall is a creative idea.

Tile Floor Picture


The tiles floor picture show underwater view of the sea. Besides using starfish accessories to decorate the look, it complete with blue towels which hang on the wall.

Awesome Coastal Style


Blue tile material is a right choice to decorate the shower room backsplash. Using the half glass to separate the room is in order to show the beautiful decoration and to illuminate the small space.

Maya Moka