Redecorate Dorm Bathroom Using On Budget Stuffs

It’s a usual thing that student stay in the dormitory along their study. Many things have to be done at the first time coming in the dormitory. Redecorating the bedroom and bathroom ti be a pleasant room are interesting to do. Students should give a touch of something new to boost their mood in the ordinary room of the dormitory.

Lets boost your mood students. Add some items in these following ideas to redecorate your dorm bathroom display.

Some Recommended On Budget Stuff Decorating Dorm Bathroom

You can add these following stuff to give a new touch of your dormitory bathroom.

1.Command Clear Caddies


Command clear caddies help you and your roommates to keep your bathroom supplies separate and organized.

2. Great for vertical storage


Organizing the stuff in the caddies will help you to maximize the very limited space. Install the caddies on the door to separate the stuff each person.

3. Artificial flower and plants

It’s a simply touch to decorate your dorm bathroom. Displaying a beautiful artificial flower improves the bathroom look nicely.

4. Dorm Bathroom storage


You can adopt the shelf over the toilet if you think that you have a small space of dorm bathroom.

5. Plants for bathroom


It is recommended to add to your dorm bathroom. Plants could neutralize the air in the bathroom. Some kinds of plants you can use are just like on the picture above.

6. Cactus Garden Room Hook


It’s a cutey cactus. Add these hook to get a cutey look in your bathroom. You can stick them on the wall over the sink.

7. Cactus Bath Mat Bathroom


Microfiber Bath Mat is very useful stuff. Put it in the bathroom or in front of the bathroom door to keep your room clean.

8. Dustbin for clean bathroom


Dustbin is an important item to be add to your bathroom. It’s a way to keep the bathroom clean all time.

Maya Moka