Remarkable Tiled Wall Bathroom To Be Options

There are so many kinds and shapes of tile. When choosing tile, it’s important that you know all the options available. Covering the bathroom wall and backsplash is an option. We can cover the wall to use wainscoting, tile, or you are prefer to paint the wall. Those are good ideas and it’s depend on you. These following ideas are some kinds of tile that could be options decorating your bathroom wall.

10 Remarkable Tiled Wall Bathroom

1.Beveled Silver Mirror Tiles

The tile reflects light and open up the space, which can be especially useful in a small bathroom. Use them behind the sink or to tile in a tub or shower surround. If a wall of mirrors seems overwhelming, use mirrors in a mosaic design or to create decorative borders inside a standard tiled surface.

2.Geometric Patterned Tiles


White tiles in any shapes were combined to get a new shapes on the geometric wall.

3.Black Tile Backsplash


Black tiles give depth to a room and can create an almost theatrical mood or flat looking flooring depending on the look you want. Installing black tile surround the tub is a great idea while you decide to have gold faucets and fixtures. The gold color of the fixtures could shine perfectly.

4.Pink Wall Tile


Pink and other soft color are recommended for small bathroom. The shower room uses pink tile for wall and floor. When you choose bright color for your backsplash and floor, you should install dark faucets for your bathroom in order to create an interesting point of the room.

5.Another Pink Shower Room


Pink glass mosaic tiles create an iridescent pink backsplash of the shower room. It create a feminine bathroom decoration. Meeting with rose gold pipe and bowl gleam the feminine bathroom style.

6.Black and White Tile Backsplash


The black tile wall is always look perfect while combining the gold faucets and fixtures. The gold color shines well. Another side of the shower room wall is using white tile wall. It’s a monochrome wall theme.

7.Black Hexagon Matte Tile Wall


Black hexagonal shape has a classic pattern that blends well with most decors and settings. It looks sturdy and simple decoration.

8.Patterned Tile Wall


Half white tile wall meet with the patterned tile which covered a side of the bathroom wall in a small bathroom. The patterned tiles covering the all the space of the one side wall. It’s great to create a classic decoration.

9.Textured Hexagon Tiles


The textured hexagon tile is perfect for adding definition and character to a dull or lacking interior wall space. The combination of the half tile wall and solid painted wall on the pictures above is a creative way that could be an alternative way for you to install the tile. It’s very interesting.

10.Blue Tile Wall


The blue tiles wall looks like scales fish. If you want to build a beach bathroom style, you should consider this kind of tile.

Colorful configurations and mismatched tiles create a stunning feature for a bathroom wall. Consider your bathroom footprint and select the tile size accordingly.

Maya Moka