Shabby Chic Country Bedroom Ideas For Teenage Girl

Express your uniqueness personality in your private room, Girls. Most of girls like having many stuffs and accessories in their bedroom. Decorating your bedroom as beautiful as you is a possible thing in this era. There are various styles of interior design which could be an option for you. One of recommended style for teenage girl bedroom is country style. Combining shabby chic and country style is a perfect way to show girl’s feminine personality. Check these pictures below to inspire you to decorate your bedroom.

9 Shabby Chic Country Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

1.Classical Wrought Iron Bed


A Flowery curtain hangs on the window beautifully. It’s a creative combination of shabby chic and country style bedroom. Classical wrought iron bed was created in black.

2.Country Bloom Duvet


Be joyful in this room. This room was made in a pleasant interior design. Using bright and soft color, represents the personality of a teenage girl who is energetic and feminine girl.

3. Pastel Blue and Pink Bedroom in Shabby Chic

Look at the stunning chandelier, it is beautifying the shabby chic bedroom. Put the bed in the corner of the room could give a sense of a warm bedroom.

4.Pink Phone Shabby Chic

There are some retro stuff to decorate bedroom. The rug color and pattern on the floor is match with blanket, the pillow and the painted wall.

5. Pleasant Teenage Girl Bedroom


Using patterned brown wallpaper, this room looks very cute, I know at the first time I see.

6.White Painted Bedroom

Decorating with the blackboard over the headboard is a creative idea. You can write, stick many things on it.

7. Flowery Bedroom

How cute this room is. The classic gold painted bed and the green vanity give a sense of luxury room. As it’s a girl room, as usuall there is always cute items like curtain and bedding set.

8. Beautiful Lady Bedroom


The bedroom decoration shows the feminine personality of the owner. It’s a cute and elegant bedroom. The large furry rug on the floor could add a pleasant feel in this room.

9.Blue and White Painted Bedroom


The stunning combination of the colors in a large space bedroom make the room elegance. This beach themed bedroom painted with blue and white colors.

Finally, lets decorate your own bedroom girls. Express your creativity.

Maya Moka