Simply And Effective Ways To Make A Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

Small space of bedroom could be a new problem when you want to have a pleasant bedroom which is match with your personality. However there is always a solution for a problem. The size of your bedroom as you puzzled as to decorating, organizing and maximizing its small nature, you should see these following tips below. Obviously, you can’t make a small bedroom bigger in size, but by applying some of these ideas, you can make it look bigger!

6 Ways To Make A Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

1.Paint the wall softer/ lighter colors


The reason this works is simply because lighter colors will reflect the light, making it seem brighter and roomier. Darker paint absorbs light, which will feel smaller and more constricting. When thinking about your bedroom design, try to stay away from dark colors.

2. Use mirror to reflect light and open up the space


If you have a bare wall or door in your bedroom, add some mirrors to make it look bigger. Mirrors not only reflect light, but a cleverly angled mirror will also create depth or height. Optimally, you would want your mirrors to go floor-to-ceiling. The most common use of this would be mirrored closet doors, but those aren’t always part of every small bedroom design.

3. Choose Multi Purpose Furniture


Not all small bedroom design ideas are optical illusions. Obviously, the less furniture that you have in your bedroom, the bigger it will look. A simple solution would be raising your bed with risers and then storing your clothes beneath. You can also purchase beds with built in storage beneath. But, don’t stop there, get creative with the rest of your small room design ideas. Utilize folding desks and chairs and store them when you aren’t using them.

4. Keep Windows Unobstructed- Hang your curtains High and Wide


While not everyone is fortunate enough to have floor to ceiling windows, you can still create an illusion of this by mounting your drapes above your window frame and letting them hang long (but don’t let them touch or pool on the floor). This will create the horizontal effect that draws the eyes upwards.

5. Utilize vertical storage to draw the eye up

This is a very important rule for making your bedroom feel larger. Think of your room as a large painting or drawing. You want the lines of movement to coordinate throughout. If you have vertical lines and patterns everywhere, but then suddenly a horizontal patch, it breaks up the flow and segments the room, making it feels smaller. So it will be better to install vertical storage in your room like on the picture above.

6. De-clutter the room ( Do you really need all that stuff)


The last tips is clear your bedroom area from nonfunctional stuff. Your space will be look smaller when you keep all of your stuff stay in your room and fill the space fully. don’t be hesitate to let your non functional furniture and stuff staying in your garage.

Overall, a room will always feel larger if you keep it clean and organized. Rearrange the layout and build shelves to maximize the space of your room. A simple design with coordinating colors and patterns will not only make it more visually appealing, but also make your small bedroom room seem bigger.

Maya Moka