Some Recommended Bathroom Decoration For Little Boy

Living with an energetic little boy is an interesting daily activity. Kids has their world, they are usually wondering on anything even I can say they wonder everything. As a parent, you care about your children’s vivid imagination. As a result, you create a world that tells much about what is going on in their little body. Decorating a bathroom as well as in his imagination and his wishes is an happiness thing for your little boy. Try to add his favorite theme or figure in the bathroom stuff but don’t forget to decorate a safe bathroom for him. These following pictures may help you to consider which theme is perfect for little boy bathroom.

10 Recommended Bathroom For Little Boy

1.Little Dino Bathroom


Love this shower curtain. It match with solid color towels and Dino accessories. The white painted kid bathroom is recommended for little boy.

2.Superhero Shower Curtain


Batman, Superman, Captain America and Spider man are showed on the grey shower curtain using their logo. Batman yellow mat color the bathroom. It’s perfect for superhero fans.

3.Superman Phone Booth For Superhero Bathroom

It’s a unique and colorful boy’s bathroom. Superhero theme is displayed beautifully in the room. Using lots of some figures stuff is a creative decoration.

4.Clean Boy’s Bathroom


The small black chair helps the kid standing to get the sink. Using white painted decoration gives a sense of a clean room.

5.Super Mario Bathroom Idea


this person has decided to display it clearly in his bathroom with this decoration, Super Mario. If your kids are the fan, you should adopt this look.

6.Finding Nemo Theme Bathroom


It’s known from the film entitle Finding Nemo, the kind of fish is a famous cartoon figure which is loved by lots of kids. Use the stuff on Nemo and see how happy your kids then.

7.Yellow Color Spongebob  Squarepants Bathroom


The funny yellow figure, Spongebob Squarepant has lots of fans which most of the fans are children. Spongebob Squarepant colors the bathroom and enliven the atmosphere with the funny figure.

8.Minion Bathroom

Minions are not a superhero, they look bananas. I think the creator was inspired by a banana, but these fiction figures are cute and funny. Most little boy will love this decoration.

9.Paw patrols bathroom

Paw patrol are the police dog which help to do many things in their town.

10.Lego Bathroom


Who don’t like lego? you can make lots of shape using the items. Put the toys in the bathroom and boost your little boy’s to take a bath everyday.

Maya Moka