Some Recommended Ideas For Designing Front Yard Landscaping Rocks Drought Tolerant

Do you want to save your money to pay the water bill monthly? or your house is located in a state which is going through water shortage? Honestly conserving water doesn’t mean you have to live with a dry and neglected garden. And it’s not the only reason to swap your water-loving lawn for a more drought-tolerant landscape. Today’s low-water gardens aren’t just smart and in vogue; they’re downright gorgeous. I’ve collected some ideas on designing  front yard landscaping rocks drought tolerant below.

10 Recommended Ideas For Your Drought Tolerant Garden

1. Lighting Effect


This is a modern contemporary front yard landscaping. Using a touch of lighting on the wall make a sense of fascinating visual effect.

2. Xeriscaping


Xeriscaping is extremely popular, especially in Southern California. With rising water costs, many homeowners have turned to xeriscaping to lower their utility bills and reduce their carbon footprint. Xeriscaping entails the creative use of hardscape and native and succulent plants to create a beautiful, low-maintenance, drought-tolerant landscape design.

3. Simple And Inviting


Don’t you want stopping by? Trees are the perfect ideas to save water. The roots could save the water well in the soil. The trees also can cool the environment especially the front yard.

4. Pathway Entrance Front Yard


How about a small space front yard? White pebble or rocks are recommended to fill the small space of front yard, because white is a soft color which could give a sense of wider space.

5. Succulent Front Yard


Succulent, many kinds of succulents are perfect plant to grow in your drought tolerant garden. There are various colors and types of succulent that you can grow.

6. Colorful Pebble


When you want to have a stunning front yard without too many plants, you can copy the idea above. Using some colors of pebble or rocks create a stunning view. Brown, red and white pebble are arranged like a wavy line to create a unique style.

7. Beach Theme


It’s a great idea when you have a wide front yard. I like the blue and green pebbles. It’s very recommended to change your ordinary grass to grow in a drought area.

8. Desert Be Like


Take a theme of desert is a simple and easiest way to design the front yard. You only need some kinds of succulent, brown sand, and rocks. You can copy the idea above.

9. Cactus And Succulent Combination


Combining succulent and cactus in an area is a good idea. They have a similar treatment for growing. Succulent and Cactus do not need too much water, so you won’t spend your time and water to treat the garden too often.

10. Great Rock Landscaping


Bring a natural touch to your garden. You can adopt the river view to your front yard design. Look how impressive the garden.

Maya Moka