Stunning Master Bedroom Paint Of 2013 Trend As References

Master bedroom is the most personal space in your home, so let the colors you love be your guide to paint your bedroom. Typically master bedroom is larger than other bedroom in your home. You can combine colors to create a pleasant room. If your master bedroom includes bathroom and dressing room you have to consider the color of these rooms. It doesn’t mean that the colors of the rooms have to painted in a same color. Consider that the color will match each other.

If you are still confusing what color you want, consider about the popular color in 2013. I am going to share some trend colors in the year 2013. You may bring the colors trend in this year.

6 Stunning Master Bedroom Paint Of 2013 Trend

1.Emerald Green


Emerald Green one of the most beloved color designs due to the natural impression, luxury, and eternal life. People agreed that this color is the best concept for Interior Colors of 2013. The green emerald evokes the spirit of nature and the universe at the same time enchants the treasures of gemstones that cannot be denied. Whether you imagine a best gemstone, you will love this incorporating the vivid colors of this emerald in your interior.



Lilac displays a pleasant bedroom. One of the colors trend in 2013 display a beautiful and pleasant room.

3.Mustard Yellow


Bright composition from the sun will give the impression of a definite golden light, this friendly color works well. The color reflection makes the decorations livelier.

4.Blue Ocean


A simple touch to give the impression that combines with warm, neutral tones such as white and natural brown. That makes a sense of sand and sea in the beach in a perfect harmony.

5.Fiery Orange


This color gives a sense of warmth and new spirit to the owner. The decoration is perfect for winter but it’s not suitable for summer.

6.Cloud Gray

Source: Hannah

Providing a Simple view to give the interesting feel of the landscape, dark colors with neutral shades cannot be denied, the importance of neutral is only as significant. Combining Gray and many colors present this 2013 year’s theme, for it soothes and pleasant, keeps a luminous effect on add a brightness and gentleness.

Maya Moka