Stunning Rock & Roll Bedroom Style to Inspire You

People like hearing music, not only hearing but also for boosting the mood. So why don’t we bring the soul of music in our bedroom. There are lots of music genres in this world. Those are pop, alternative, r&b, rock, jazz and so on. One of music genre is rock. Many rock bands have been built. Which rock band is your favorite? Some legendary rock bands which still popular till this year. Lets decorate bedroom using rock & roll style. Lets take a look these rock and roll bedroom style to inspire you.

8 Stunning Rock & Roll Bedroom Style to Inspire You

1.The Beatles bedroom

This great rock band was from Liverpool. It’s one of the legendary rock star since 1960. Printed cushions, the photos print are represent the love of the owner to The Beatles.

2. The Rolling Stone

The Rolling stone is well known with the red icon. Combining the red color and white furniture display a catchy room. There is also a Britain rug flag.

3. Maroon 5


Most of people who love rock music genre are usually love neutral color such as black, gray, and white. This teenager room shows that the owner love music very much.

4. Nirvana


Nirvana was a famous rock band in their era. The member of Nirvana created the band since 1990 and stopped in 1994.

5. Coldplay


Viva La Vida is one of Coldplay Songs. Creating wall art is an interesting on budget bedroom makeover. It’s simple and giving a great impact of the decoration style. It looks like a point of interest while we open the door at the first time.

6 .Bon Jovi

Source: Erika Kondani

If you think, you are desperate to redoing your rock and roll bedroom, you can change your bedding cover set with your favorite rock star name.

7. Rockstar

Boys bedroom use the theme of rock n roll style. The dark colors which are dominated with brown could be a reference for you who don’t like bright color.

8. Rockstar Shared Bedroom

Source: claire

Shared boys bedroom is dominated with dark colors and silver. I think it’s a pleasant room for little boys.

Maya Moka