The Best Of 2 Year Old Boys Bedroom Design Collections

According to the parenting experts, children may sleep in their own bedroom from 2 year old to 5 year old. On the range of the age, the children have a big curiosity and have lots of energy to play.  It’s good to give them a private space, in order to can express their mind freely. Decorating a private bedroom for a baby is a fun and challenging job. As a parent, you should remember on the safety and the coziness of the bedroom, so they can learn independently. These following pictures are bedroom ideas for 2 year old baby boys.

10 Best Toddler Bedroom Ideas Especially For Boys

1.Scandinavian Bed Camp


The room take a theme of Batman, a superhero figure in a Hollywood film. It is designed consisting of black, white and grey colors. It is a nice bedroom for 2 year old kid.

2. Triangle Theme Bedroom


There are so many triangle accents in the bedroom. Using black triangle becomes the wall pattern on the white wall. Cylinder cushions are on the edge of the bed to safeguard the baby while sleeping.

3. A Camping Theme Bedroom


The bed looks like a tent. The bedroom theme is camping in the forest. I love the arrangement. It’s a nice bedroom for boy.

4. Reading Area Besides The Sleeping Area


It’s a good way to introduce the kids on book. As a parent you should teach the kid to love reading books from now. It’s good for his growth.

5. Safety Bed


The three side of the bed are surrounded by the gate. It is designed to avoid the baby fall on the floor while sleeping. The furry cover of the chair and cloud cushions can add the coziness while sitting on the chair as keeping the baby boy.

6. Nature Elements


There is an artificial tree beside the bed. Using soft pads to layer the wall and the gate of the bed is a great idea. It’s an essential thing to remember. Using the nature colors to decorate the bedroom is for bringing the nature element in the bedroom. Wooden floor, artificial tree, square baskets and the used colors represent the nature element.

7. Monochrome Stripes Canopy Bed


Decorating a baby boy’s bedroom could be a hard thing to do. If you prefer do not use the gate to safe the bed, you can layer the floor using soft furry carpet or another soft carpet.

8.Unique Bedroom


Get inspired to create a unique bedroom for kids with these decorations and furnishings inspired by white textures and shades. Furry white carpet meets the white tent. I know it is a pleasant bedroom for kids. The kid can plays the white waving horse.

9.Mosquito Net


Another idea is installing a canopy which has a function as a mosquito net. It’s a cute grey bedroom idea for baby boy.

10.Wall Pads


Retouching the lantern to be a gas balloon is a creative way to increase the creativity of the kid. You should try this look for your baby boy’s bedroom.

Maya Moka