The Best Of Small Bathroom Design Collections For Living In Apartments

There will be a matter while you decided for living in an apartment. The limited space of room must be designed wisely to be a functional room. Your bathroom may be the smallest room in the house, but there’s no reason why it can’t make a splash. We have put together a collection of beautiful small bathroom design ideas from traditional and country, to the modern and stylish. The important thing is to organize in a best way, everything you want to put into it. If you plan to decorate or renovate a small bathroom, you need wisely to calculate the amount of money that you need. These following ideas can inspire you to create your bathroom.

10 Small Bathroom Ideas For Living In Apartment

1. Hexagon Tile Floor


Black hexagon tiles cover the floor of small bathroom. Trying to maximize the space of the bathroom become a functional room. Using a solid color to decorate the small bathroom is a wise decision. The glass separates the shower room and the toilet.

2. Interesting Layout


Using tiny blue tiles to cover the one side of wall and the floor colors the room which is dominated white color. All the fixtures are white and the wall covers using white tile.

3. Best Lighting Installation

Source: www.indizajn.rtl

Even it’s just a small bathroom, it’s a cool lighting installation. You should try to your small bathroom to give some effects of the lights to your room.

4. Stylish Small Bathroom


If you think you are prefer to have a monochrome bathroom, You can adopt the look of the picture above. You can use the space above the toilet to install some shelf for storing the bathroom amenities.

5. Bathroom Shower Combo


A bathroom which has a shower combo could be an alternative for small bathroom. Sometimes you can use the tub for soaking and you can shower your body daily there. It’s a great idea.

6. Black And White Tiles


Monochrome color is a perfect way to decorate a small bathroom. Because the essential thing to consider while creating a small bathroom is the function.

7. Creative Small Bathroom


Small bathroom shower combo is always being an alternative way if you want to have a tub in your small bathroom.

8. Bathroom Laundry Combo


Another inspiring of the apartment small bathroom is uniting the laundry room with the bathroom. It can save your space. Look at the picture above.

9. Monochrome Bathroom


It’s a very small bathroom. Black tile wall meets with gold faucets in the shower room which is separated using transparent glass wall. The room looks that there is no limitation. I love the design, it’s simple and elegance small bathroom.

10. Little Bathroom


White wainscoting wall and white fixtures are combined with the gold faucets and rain shower. It looks feminine. The bathroom is perfect for girls.

Maya Moka