Tips And Trick Turning A Bedroom Into A Perfect Parisian Bedroom Using Basic Fixtures

Parisian bedroom is a one style of bedroom decoration which still popular in this year. If you have a plant to renovate your bedroom, you can use some ideas below to inspire you. I have collected some basic fixtures for perfecting your bedroom.

6 Basic Fixture For Perfecting Parisian Bedroom Style

You can use some of the items below for perfecting your room. Find your idea below.

1.Antique Mirror


Gold detailing framed mirror would be a nice and classic mirror to beautify your vanity in the bedroom. The detail of the mirror give a sense of glamorous room.

2. Grand Chandelier


Hang a grand chandelier to add that iconic Parisian formality to your home. Tiered or traditional chandeliers with ornate features, like scrolling or filigree, work best.

3. Unique Items of Parisian Themed


French designers are constantly searching for unique finds. When selecting pieces and curiosities for your home, you should choose items that are one of a kind and representative of your personality. A personal touch makes the Parisian home.


For an example, this is a velvet fabric chair. You can beautify your corner of your bedroom using such kind of the chair.

4. Glamour Curtain or Drapery


Glamour is a major component of French interior design. Arranging some draperies above the headboard become one way to show the glamorous of the room.


Besides playing with drapery to beautify the wall, you can use the drapery to treat your windows. Installing the rod of the curtains above the window could give a sense a bigger room.

5. Parisian Stuff Themed


It’s an important thing to remember. Parisian themed items are very needed to show that your bedroom style is parisian bedroom style. You can use pictures or other stuff which are themed French.

6. Unique Vanity Set


If you want to show a glamorous room, you should decorate your Parisian bedroom using gold painted fixtures. For the example, the vanity on the picture above.

Maya Moka