Valspar Tempered Gray : The Color Trend For 2018 Is Perfect For Living Room Paint

Have you know that gray color becomes one of the popular color for this year, 2018? It’s a perfect color that could blend with other color easily. It can give a bigger space of the room feel. Valspar tempered gray is a part of gray color that is recommended for designing a neutral living room theme.


Tempered Gray 4004-1A is a gray I’d use everywhere, it’s my perfect gray. Light and ethereal with a lot of cream, it makes a room float. Layer color and pattern within the contents of the space and you’ve got a really good thing. From on-trend looks to classic schemes, there is wealth of ideas to steal whatever your style.

9 Inspiring Living Room Look Using Tempered Gray Color

1.Living Room With Photo Display


It’s a perfect decoration to gather with family or friends. The pleasant living room uses tempered gray wall painted which decorated with grayscale framed photos to fill the wall space. Adding some blanket and many cushions can be alternatives to create a cozy atmosphere of the room.

2. Elegant Living Room


Eye catching pattern fill the room decoration beautifully. Sophisticated fabrics on the tailored furniture mix to create a clean and luxurious ambiance.

3. Simplicity


The blue cushions which are in the center among grey cushions on the sofa become the point of interest of the decoration. The color composition of the room is dominated with grey.

4. Romantic Atmosphere


Beautifying the room using a bunch of pink roses is a creative way to bring a feminine touch in the room. Covering the floor using grey linen carpet and decorating the sofa using pom pom cushion and wool pom pom blanket bring a coziness in the room.

5. A Touch Of Blush Pink For Women Living Room


Sometimes, your living room decoration could show your personality. You can see the color composition of the room, it’s consist of grey, white, and blush pink. A bunch of flowers and a touch of blush pink colors beautify the room decoration.

6. The Sexiest Living Room


The grey colors meet wooden color nicely. Soft brown color the furniture, the fixtures and floor could blend with grey. The greyscale pictures on the wall fill the blank space of the wall.

7. Pleasant Living Room

Source: closely.knit

Lined white carpet and the blanket bring a pleasant atmosphere into the room. Orange cushions and other color of cushions give a glowing effect in the room.

8. Contemporary Living Room


Soft grey tones and crisp white details bounce light around this contemporary living room. Pale wooden furniture also helps to keep the room looking bright and airy.

9. Neutral Color


Grey and white, the wall paint color living room above was designed for cool and warm mood. It’s an exquisite mirror for light gray and white living room.

Maya Moka