Wallpapered Bathroom Ideas To Inspire You

Are you getting bored on your old style bathroom design? Installing wallpaper on your bathroom wall could be an effective way to give a great effect of your bathroom display. Besides it is relatively cheap, wallpapered wall can beautify the room. There are some collections of wallpapered bathroom pictures. You can adopt some of them look to be installed in your bathroom.

10 Adorable Wallpapered Bathroom Decorations To Inspire You

1.Flower Grass Border Wallpaper

Source: www.oldhouseonline.com

If you want to give a nature element in your bathroom, You can cover your half wall using the green floral wallpaper. The room was decorated in a great way. Touches of gold faucets and tub give a sense of luxury bathroom.

2. Nature Wallpaper

Source: www.archiproducts.com

Create your own tranquil bathroom using wallpaper. Measure the exact size of your wall and print out your favorite picture being a wallpaper. Next, find out what will happen with your bathroom look.

3. Geometric Wallpaper Idea

Source: www.decorpad.com

If you like a modern style, you can choose the geometric wallpaper. The square framed mirror perfects the wallpaper pattern.

4. Fabulous Brown


Do you have any idea to decorate a very small bathroom? You should try to cover your bathroom wall using wallpaper. It could lively your bathroom atmosphere.

5. Another Hexagon Full Cover Wallpaper

Source: www.amberdesigngroup.co.uk

Dark lines and gold hexagon inside, the pattern of the wallpaper supports the gold elements. It’s a stunning decoration. It’s a glamorous bathroom look.

6. Fishes On The Wall

Source: domino.com

While you have some space of your bathroom wall which you can not reach to decorate, perhaps covering the rest of the space using wallpaper can increase your bathroom look. See the picture above. It’s a great idea on using fishes pattern to cloth the wall.

7. Chic Bathroom Wallpaper

Source: shophouse.com

White subway tile wall meets with the feminine floral wallpaper. Marble floor and white vanity countertop, those are perfect combination for girl’s bathroom.

8. Leaves Theme Wallpaper

Source: betterdecoratingbible.com

Get your bathroom steaming with style this summer with some of the hottest. Most people talked about decorating trends of the season. You should consider this kind of wallpaper pattern and decoration. Wooden elements of the floor, vanity countertop and shelf meet with the leaves pattern wallpaper perfectly, It gives a sense of nature and tranquil bathroom.

9. Classic Powder Room

Source: http://georgianadesign.tumblr.com

Moroccan inspired grass cloth wall covering in a powder room. It has not completed yet while a women bathroom without a powder room. The wallpaper color and pattern can reflect the light well and shine the room.

10. Wallpaper On The Ceiling And The Wall

Source: www.decorpad.com

Covering the wall and ceiling using the wallpaper can be a point of interest in the room. The pattern wallpaper meets white wainscoting half wall. It’s classic navy and white with a pop of orange.

Maya Moka