Wedding Bathroom Basket List To Add In Your Wedding Preparation

Are you preparing to hold a party? You will need so many references to hold your great day party especially wedding party. It needs a great plan  and preparation. A bathroom at the weddings are often overlooked but a few small touches will go a long way in making sure your guests are looking and feeling their best all wedding long. A wedding bathroom basket, also called a “hospitality basket” can be a great addition to your wedding. They are baskets filled with often-needed toiletries for guests to use while getting their celebration on at your wedding.

5 Categories Of Wedding Bathroom Basket List You Must Have

Make your guests feel at home by supplying bathroom baskets filled with these essentials bathroom amenities for your wedding.

1.First Aid


These are the items that you should include in your personal first aid kit, we also explain you how to personalize your first aid kit to meet individual needs.



You should write down some equipment, medicine and other tools to fill your first aid basket like on the picture above.


You can make your wedding toiletry basket by yourself. In condition you will be very busy with other preparation list, don’t forget to write down the toiletries amenities which will be needed by guest in your party.

Those are deodorant, Vaseline, lotion, eye drop, disposable toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash, toothpicks, hair spray, clear nail polish, body spray and feminine hygiene product.

3.For The Restroom

Source: Stephanie Sheerwood

The picture above is bathroom basket for the ladies restroom and the picture below is bathroom basket for men’s room. It’s just for the examples. You can arrange the simple one and fit for your party.


The main items that should be in your restroom basket are paper hand towels, air freshener, and scented candle.


Source: bathroom baskets-men and women

Your guest will need some items in emergency term. So it will be better if you have prepared the possible term and condition that might be happen.

Source: Ninhoska Colon

The tools that should be in the basket are sewing kit, inexpensive combs, hair elastics, bobby pins, Tide To Go pen, mints/gum, lint brush and extra earring backs.

5.Outdoor Wedding


This might be perfect for the outdoor basket. Your guest will need these items in your outdoor party. You may overlook these products but it’s a necessary for your guest coziness.


You should provide aloe vera gel, sun block and bug repellent. Your guest will need those items. So don’t forget to add the items in your basket list.

Maya Moka