Wonderful Ideas Of Small Space, Pleasant Bedroom For Girl Specially

source: digsdigs.com

Girls like to have many kinds of stuffs in their room. It starts from makeup, accessories to fashion style stuffs. That’s why girl’s bedroom has to be organized well or it would be a mess room. So, imagine when a girl with many kinds of stuff stays in a small bedroom. She must be a creative and a diligent girl.

Sometimes when we are perforce we can do anything. Small space of bedroom could be turned being a functional and a pleasant room. Some people have proved it to decorate a small room to be lovely girl’s bedroom. Now I am going to share some creative decoration of small bedroom for girl.

10 Pleasant Bedrooms For Girl Built In A Small Space

1.Green Bedroom

Source: thewowdecorideas.com

This small bedroom is very nice in green color. Maximize the room space using that kind of bed.

2.Minimalis Bedroom Design

Source: thewowdecorideas.com

Loft bed on the cabinet is a creative way to saving space. There are many cabinets in this room. It makes the room clean and wider. It could be an alternative way to organize lots of girl stuffs.

3.Stylish Bedroom

Source: slightlyshorted.com

the elements of the bathroom use soft color. It creates a pleasant bedroom for girl.

4.Space Saving Storage Ideas

Source: betterhomegarden.com

It’s a great idea for saving the room space. The bed is inside the cabinet. Red cushions and wallpaper become the point of interest in this room. Love this small bedroom idea.

5.Hidden Bed in Red

Source: apartmenteraphy.com

A unique bedroom comes from the hidden bed. When the doors is closed it looks like a wardrobe. I know sleeping on the bed we’ll warm all the time.

6.A Bedside Table

Source: www.900house.com

Put the desk beside the bed is totally smart idea. The stuffs organize well in this room.

7.A Hanging Bed with Sitting Space Underneath

Source: alicebrownwheeler.blogspot.com

Loft bed above the sitting space was decorated using lots of dolls. Because it’s a kid bedroom. All the stairs and floor were covered with rug in order to create a pleasant bedroom for little girl.

8.Teenage Girl Bedroom

source: digsdigs.com

Teenage girl likes to express her feeling and showing her personality in her room. Blush pink elements is charming. Put the bed under the study space while does not use is saving the space well.

9.Yellow Teenage Loft Bed

source: digsdigs.com

Yellow brights the room. There is another room under the bed. It’s totally creative. Studying on the air is interesting, you can see many things from the upside.

10.Open Up Eaves

Source: repostudio.org

Having a small house is not a matter for the owner of this house. The owner built the bedroom above the sitting space. It is not only small bedroom but also small house. It’s great.

Finally, those are some ideas to decorate a small space of the bedroom for girl specially. Lets make your own room.

Maya Moka