Wonderful Items You Should Add in Seaside Bedroom

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Have you ever imagine that summer comes a long the year? How great it is. But that is absolutely impossible, even a tropical country has two seasons. Then do you have any ideas on that obsession?

Something we can do to come summer along the year is bring our own summer in beach house. Beach, sea, ocean are the icons of summer. So we can start to enjoy the beautiful of summer from our bedroom. Adding some items which represent of the beautiful view of ocean is a simply way. Lets create seaside bedroom according these following ideas.

7 Creative Stuffs to Makeover A Seaside Bedroom Nicely

1.Ocean Painting

Source: rstyle.me.com

Blue ocean painting has represented the beautiful view of the ocean. The painting has a great sense of art, so it brings the blue ocean to make your bedroom more beautiful and cozy. If you think that purchase a painting is not a necessary yet, you can display your own photography print or you may hang ocean path photo print below. Just download some ocean picture from internet.

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2.Nautical Throw Pillows

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Choose the nautical pillow case to get stronger sense of a sea in your bedroom. No matter what size of your pillow is, it will be better to choose soft and bright color.

3.Seashell Shadow Boxes

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You can purchase some artificial seashells from the stores around the beach or find them in the sea by yourself and then add to your DIY project. Somehow it would be a precious thing when you create something by your hands. Actually you may buy some of seashell shadow boxes in stores and online. Displaying seashell shadow boxes above headboard is awesome.

Source: completely-coastal.com

4.Starfishes Light The Room

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When you see the stars in the sky in the evening, the show their beautiful lights. They sparkle in the sky. Somehow starfishes don’t have their own light. You can decorate your starfishes like on the picture above, so the starfishes could lights your room.

5.Seashell Blue Bedding Set

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Bring soft colors to your seaside bedroom and let the sun shines your bedroom perfectly.

6.Paddles Over The Headboard

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Paddles usually use to paddle a boat in the sea or in the river. It’s a creative idea to hang the paddles above the headboard because we never know when we need the paddles in an emergency term. Probably you will sail in the sea using your bed. And that is just a joke.

7.Seashells Mason Jar Light

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Add this stuff to your DIY project. It’s a unique stuff you must have in your seaside bedroom. It’s made from simple materials.

Those stuffs may be displayed to improve your seaside bedroom. So which stuff is proper to display in your seaside bedroom?

Maya Moka