Wonderful Super Mario Comes To Kids Bedroom Ideas

A gamer usually spends a lot of time to play a game unwittingly. How about your kids? Are they a gamer? They must be know and like Super Mario. Super Mario Bros. is one of the best-selling games of all time, selling over 40 million physical copies. It was released in Japan in 1985. Adding Super Mario theme into your kids’ bedroom could be an incredible thing for them. It is essential decorating their bedroom uses their favorite things. It could boost their mood and get lots of happiness.

I have collected some of inspiring Super Mario theme bedroom for you to be a reference. Redecorate your children bedroom and see the smile which express their happiness in their lovely face. Check these following bedroom ideas of Super Mario Theme.

10 Wonderful Super Mario Plays In The Kids Bedroom

1.Supermario Arena On The Wall

Source: buildaroomnow.com

Painted wall arena of Super Mario and castle head board look like the view of the real video game. It feels like come in the video game room.

2.Shared Bedroom Supermario And Brother

Source: dealdump.com

This brother shared room is amazing. Bedding set, dolls, curtain,wallpaper and other accessories about Super Mario game are arranged very well in this shared bedroom for brother.

3. Creative Wall Painted

Source: www.pinterest.com

The wall was drawn manually by the parent. Combining red half painted wall with the amazing draw creates an amazing bedroom decoration. Try your sense of art to draw your wall like this.

4.Winning The Games

Source: www.flickr.com

The main goal of every gamer is to win the game. The mural of Super Mario on the wall shows how the game works.

5.Big Super Mario Decal

Source: Deborah Fortozo

If you think drawing is too difficult for you, you may add some decals, giant decals on the wall to decorate your children room. Don’t forget to complete the decoration using the bedding set or blanket.

6.Super Mario Decals On The Wall


White bunk bed in the bedroom is a great option to solve the small space of bedroom. Decorating small space bedroom should use multi functional furniture and stuff. Arranging Super Mario game display a big screen of the game.

7.Nintendo Theme Bedroom Idea

Source: cbf-fund.org

Super Mario is known by Nintendo since the first time. You can use the old display of the game to give a sense of classic room in your bedroom.

8.Girl Bedroom

Source: www.thinkgeek.com

There are so many toys in the room. It means that the owner like to play some games. This room could be decorated for girl or boy room.

9.Classic Beds Super Mario Shared Bedroom

Source:Chaterine Gallant

The shared bedroom look is more simple than other. Using Super Mario Bedding set and some decals represent the main theme, Super Mario. The beds use contemporary style.

10. Nursery Room


You may decorate your very young children’s room using Super Mario theme too. A rug and some decals are enough to represent the decoration theme of the nursery room.

Maya Moka